Monday, August 10, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Working Class Tory discovers a recent murder by Lenin.
2. Rob Fenwick has a brilliant review of the party websites.
3. Mark Pack on the dilemma of postcode lotteries.
4. O'Conall Street discovers a Sinn Fein time bomb.
5. Shane Greer spends some time rectum gazing.
6. Green Blogger The Daily (Maybe) on his five favourite Tories.
7. Peter Hitchens on the genius of Peter Mandelson.
8. Croydonian on the 1909 Hansard.
9. Paul Waugh hopes Gordon Brown has some lead in his pencil.
10. Tom Harris can't be arsed to blog, so he gets David Cairns MP to do so instead.
11. Quaequam seems to think Jo Swinson should be airbrushed. I think.
12. Charles Crawford on a visit to the British Embassy in Warsaw.


Anonymous said...

I wish number 12 had a link :)

Anonymous said...

If Hitchens is a Journalist or a writer then I'm a banana.