Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Daily Dozen: Tuesday

1. Jonathan Sheppard is mugged...by the Royal Mail.
2. Tim Worstall on the funding of the New Economics Foundation... by you.
3. Liberal England is unimpressed by Mark Oaten's publishing plans.
4. Mars Hill writes a farewell letter to the blog of the Voice of the Delectable Left, Kerron Cross.
5. LibDem's Voice's Stephen Tall is all in favour of open primaries ... except when he's not.
6. Norfolk Blogger makes the most pathetic criticism yet of the Totnes primary and cries "it isn't fair!!!"
7. Shane Greer on Sarah Wollaston's victory in Totnes.
8. Tom Harris seems very impressed by what happened in Totnes today.
9. Kerry McCarthy doesn't fancy snogging Michael Gove. At least, I think that's what she said.
10. John Redwood on Northern Rock's results.
11. Letters From a Tory writes to the "illiberal" Jo Swinson.
12. Lynne Featherstone marks the second anniversary of the Baby P tragedy.

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