Friday, August 14, 2009

The Daley(Half) Dozen: Friday

1. Liam Murray asks if we would be any better than the Americans.
2. Liberal England thinks a LibDem think tanks is about to suggest privatising the NHS.
3. Ridley Grove takes Timothy Kirkhope MEP to task.
4. Party Lines has been eating out at the Gay Hussar.
5. Guido says high pay attracts the wrong kind of MP.
6. English Parliament Online on a national day for England.

If you're not doing anything later, tune in to TalkSport at 11.20pm when I'll be having a wee chat with my good friend Mr Galloway.

Then from midnight I'll be joining Stephen Nolan on 5 Live to review the papers for half an hour.

And I'll be on Radio Scotland tomorrow morning at about 8.45am.

And Broadcasting House on Radio 4 on Sunday from 9am.

And for Janet Daley's information, I turned the rest down :)


Alan Douglas said...

Oh very catty Iain !

Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

Media whore. Still, your bank manager won't be complaining.

Martin S said...

You need a broadcast studio in your home. And your magazine office,too, perhaps.