Friday, August 21, 2009

Top 50 Non-Aligned Blogs

Here are the first ten of the Top 50 Non Aligned Blogs. For the full list click HERE.

1 (1) Political Betting
2 Paul Waugh
3 (3) Nick Robinson
4 (5) UK Polling Report
5 (13) Miserable Old Fart
6 (4) Slugger O'Toole
7 Scottish Unionist
8 (24) Craig Murray
9 J Arthur MacNumpty
10 FT Westminster Blog

This list is the result of more than 1,500 people who voted in the Total Politics Annual Blog Poll during the second half of July.

Click on the blog to visit it. For a full list of all 456 Non Aligned political blogs click HERE.

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Colin said...

Nick Robinson non aligned?


Anonymous said...

Gosh, given Paul Waugh's high 'new entry' couldn't you persuade the Ruskie owner of the Standard to pay for a 'glamorous night of all the bloggers' Awards Presentation Ceremony at the Savoy or Grosvenor House Hotel ???

Of course you might need some work to get Smithson into a black tie, but if you don't ask...

Anonymous said...

Where's Gordon?

Anonymous said...

Might be a silly question, but what about Guido?

Hamish said...

Scottish Unionist non-aligned?

Oh, you mean in terms of Westminster parish-pump politics.

I suppose in that sense, the supporters of apartheit and of the soviet union could be described as non-aligned.

Anonymous said...

I thought Scottish Unionist was a Labour chap?

And I'm almost certain that J Arthur MacNumpty is a member of the SNP.

Cardiff Blogger said...

My partner asked why there wasn't an awards ceremony. I think it would be a good idea for next year Iain, great for bloggers to meet!

Anon @10:53 - I think he'd come under 'International' as he's in Ireland.

Cardiff Blogger said...

Oh and PB is a deserved place at #1, I do hope the top 1 non-aligned are the top 2 overall.

Anonymous said...

Since when as the Scottish Unionist site 'non-aligned;, it's clearly a conservative supporting site.

The clue's in the name.

The SCOTTISH Conservative & UNIONIST Party.

Anonymous said...

Can I make a suggestion for 2010..

I'm not that interested in beauty contests, but in the interests of transparency and parity, can the number of votes that each blogger got be tallied beside their position?

Dr. Sexy said...

Nick Robinson: New Labour

Slugger O'Toole: Anti-Sinn Fein (although not overtly 'pro' any of the other parties so non-aligned to an extent)

Quietzapple said...

Agree with Colin.

Nick Robinson is a former National Chairman of the Young Conservatives, always pulls round for the Tories when it makes any difference.

Quietzapple said...

Guido is a fake: attacking a Labour Government and saying you'd attack a Tory one, while potting the odd conservative is not "non aligned."

Ask the Billionaires whose media and Tory Party he effectively promotes.

And the bloggers who go there how many will be voting Labour, or, in common with a 2% majority in the Time's ComRes poll in June prefer a Labour Government over a Tory one?

The decision that Guido is NOT non aligned is sound.

That it is "libertarian" is a joke, nihilistic and anti Labour would be the most appropriate categories imho.

Anonymous said...

Colin said...

"Nick Robinson non aligned?


Exactly what I was thinking.

All BBC blogs should be in the Fabian communitarian section.

Quietzapple said...

Re the estimable suggestion of Anon @ 10.35:

While so narrow a field as Blogs may not need soap award style publicity imho you may well find such a sponsor, without trying one of the billionaires who own most of the dominant media.

If Mr Chameleon's wallet is closed would it be legal for a brewer to cough up?

In the fairly distant past I was agent in a Council by-election in which one candidate's name was that of a brewer (no relation) and the other of a substance he brewed.

After careful consultation a certain amount of libation was forthcoming - consumed after the result, to gentle publicity which suited the brewer.

Anonymous said...

You'd better remove Nick Robinson from the list Iain, he's New Labour through and through.

talwin said...

'Nick Robinson non aligned?'.

Not, Colin (10.21pm), 'Hmmm'. You are too kind. I suggest, more accurately, 'Bollocks'.

Anonymous said...

Nick Robinson ...he he he

Doug said...

Got to agree with Colin, Hamish etc.

Nick Robinson isn't non aligned he is the ambassador for the urban liberal, pro-Europe, big government BBC which clearly makes him left wing.

Political betting is clearly left wing (Smithson Lib Dem) and beats up on the Tories regularly while being soft on the left.

The FT non-aligned? That will be the day.

O.E.D. said...

From the Oxford English Dictionary:


(1) To believe that, if you say something often enough, people will start to believe you.

(2) To scream down anyone who disagrees with your viewpoint, by calling them Nazis.

(3) To repeatedly post comments on other blogs (sometimes just a few minutes apart) suggesting that you have the concentration span of a goldfish.

Dave Snark said...

Was Total Politics subject to a Plaid Cymru conspiracy? Or is Paul Flynn MP a senile old fart?

You decide.

Rob said...

I think you need to take a lie down in a darkened room, Quietzapple. Nick Robinson is neutral, though he and the other members of the lobby did get a bit lazy for a while. But lets not forget his outstanding turn on newsnight a few weeks ago (Hopefully that's where his future lies). And as for Guido, he'll go after anyone, no matter what their particular affiliation.

Quietzapple said...

Oh deary deary me, you do get some sillies, don't you Iain? I suspect the purveyors of "conservative discourse" as the dully teles sometimes used to refer to their abuse and libels.

How amusing for your fringe to write in green crayon in the O.E.D. must be the obsessive on the run from Rob Roy again . . . but:

1. Quietzapple

To quietly astound by sparkling, incisive wit. Sometimes ironic.
He was quietzappling here the other day . . . He does rather quietzapple . . . and it is rather tiring.

Which, as I created the name I use, has rather more authority.

Quietzapple said...

Ah yes, a "neutral" former National Chairman of the Young Conservatives during Mrs Thatcher's premiership for whom the BBC pulls out all the stops to prevent mention of that fact when it seems relevant . .

Uncle Bob - they have spiked your carnation, dial Dogs vs Drugs soonish . . .

Anonymous said...

"To quietly astound by sparkling, incisive wit. Sometimes ironic."

Sparkling incisive wit? You?


Quietzapple said...

Quick Fido!

Sample Anon's non-aligned DNA!

(Amusing how Michael Crick isn't said to be non aligned while Nick Robinson is. LOL)

Anonymous said...

Hamish, Anon, Wardog:
I have no party affiliation.

Cardiff Blogger:
I'm in Scotland.

Rob said...

'Uncle Bob - they have spiked your carnation, dial Dogs vs Drugs soonish . . .'

How dare you, I'm lactose intolerant! He might have been chairman of the young conservatives in uni but he swallowed the breifings of McBride et al almost verbatim for quite some time. Who let you out of your cage?

Unknown said...

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