Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Norfolk Blogger analyses the "murky" nature of the Green Party.
2. Mark Pack on Andy Sawford of the LGIU and his conversion to Twitter.
3. SNP Tactical Voting on two less than subtle Labour MPs.
4. Your Mandate reports on George Osborne's 'progressive' speech.
5. Tom Harris takes the idiots at 38 Degrees to task.
6. FT Westminster blog on the Tory cull of the Michaels.
7. O'Conall Street on flags and the future in Northern Ireland.
8. Liberal England accuses LibDem Voice of "eating" the LibDem blogosphere.
9. Capitalists@Work plead: don't vote for Vince.
10. Paul Flynn says: let 100 whistles blow.
11. Martin Bright bemoans the lack of a debate on torture.
12. Tim Montgomerie on how Labour may lose office, but won't lose power.


Constantly Furious said...

13. Constantly Furious points out that Unite Against Fascism are on the march.

No, seriously, these guys are government funded violent nutters, with very good planning and logistics. Be afraid...


rosa said...

Iain that first article was awful - assertions of political infighting amongst the Greens are fair enough (and unsurprising in a political party that seems to be gaining electoral ground) but accusations of Stalinism?! Give over! Not backed up with a shred of evidence. The sort of smear tactics you are normally up in arms about!

Martin S said...

Rosa, I used to be a Green Party member. Sadly the artilce was all too easy to believe. But they only do bad things for the common good! (I.E., what THEY want)

Any road up, as we Brummies say...

Piracy on the High Seas under Brown's watchful eye, Labour fails children after only 12 years in power and get ready for Winter of discontent, 2009

Anonymous said...

Rosa, You should compare Rupert Read’s ‘Clean Campaign Pledge’ for Norwich North (published by Matt Wootton) http://www.clean-campaign-pledge.net/ , then look at the very nasty campaign being waged against Tracy D-B in the internal elections for GPEW ExComm.

Matt Wootton makes a very personal attack on Tracy on his blog www.dailyplanet.org.uk/. An endorsement from Mark Hill on the Rupert+Jason site is a straightforward character assassination http://rupertjason.wordpress.com/endorsements/
And lets not forget the anon attack on Tracy on Derek Wall’s blog.

. said...

There is a difference between political rivalry and "Stalinism". No one calls the Conservative party Nazis so why compare left-wing parties to an evil Communist dictator? You cannot disassociate Stalinism from his policies of murder so it is a pretty bad analogy.

Anonymous said...

Rupert Read has pulled out of the executive election contest