Monday, August 17, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Hopi Sen has changed the name of his blog to the rather imaginative, er, Hopi Sen.
2. EU Referendum wants us out of Afghanistan.
3. Lords of the Blog on unpaid holidays for Lords (and their staff).
4. Tory Bear thinks that Kerry McCarthy is no Derek Draper. Well that's a start.
5. Lindylooz Muse on Esther Rantzen losing her political virginity.
6. Paul Goodman says Hannan may be an irritant but he is indispensable.
7. Eric Joyce MP on the new paternalism.
8. Letters From a Tory thinks Vince Cable has made a fool of himself.
9. Richard Willis reviews the candidates for the Glasgow by election.
10. John Redwood on the quantitative easing money go round.
11. Jonathan Sheppard uncovers Labour critics of the NHS. Say it ain't so.
12. Wilted Rose says it's about time the right reclaimed the word 'progressive'.

And finally, read this BBC story on the forgotten Nigerian heroes of the Burma campaign.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on publishing Redwoods blog.

And the Afghan analysis from Defence of the Realm/EU Referendum.
It is a sobering analysis. I cannot bring myself to wholly agree with it.
But unless we play to win we should not play at all and we seem to have no long term coherent strategy - because if we and the US and NATO had one I think it would be being trumpeted quite loudly.

I think it is a war that can be won, but as EUR point out we are not energetically pursuing measures that would make it succeed or make it worthwhile (ie properly develop Afghanistan).

Tory Bear said...

cheers for the link!

let the games begin...

jailhouselawyer said...

In relation to Dan Hannan and the NHS, one only has to look at Ronnie Biggs as a shining example at how good the NHS is...

Richard said...

Thanks for the link ...

Trevorsden - I remain of the view that the war could be won, but not the way we are doing it. But I see no way that this government is capable of doing what is necessary.

The Grim Reaper said...

It's incredibly vain of someone to name a blog after themselves.

Oh, hang on...

Anonymous said...


I think the war can be won but only very slowly and with more resources. One example of this being that troops holding the Sangin area were moved south for panthers claw and now we see more infiltration and deaths in Sangin.

Afghanistan is exposing the thin crust that is our armed forces. Any extra resources will ha ve to come from elsewhere - probably America. And its right to say that a more realistic approach to reconstruction is needed. Afghans need something to fight for.