Friday, March 20, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Toby Harnden lists Barack Obama's Top 10 Gaffes.
2. Pink News reports that Iris Robinson has escaped prosecution over homophobic remarks.
3. Paul Waugh on Westminster's dirty little secret.
4. LabourHome on the Labour MP who has helped the BNP.
5. NHS Blog Doctor has more on Harriet Harman's ambulance chasing sister, Sarah.
6. PoliticalBetting on the 82% of LibDem voters who want David Cameron. Sort of.
7. Douglas Carswell asks if there is an anti Israel prejudice in Britain.
8. According to Michael White, Labour isn't brain dead. Yet.
9. Dave Hill reckons Boris vetoed Ken appearing on Any Questions.
10. Alex Singleton reckons LibDem blogs are boring and a failure.
11. Tim Worstall takes Johann Hari to task over his proposal for newspapers to be subsidised.
12. Alastair Campbell wonders if there is life beyond Dover.


The Grim Reaper said...

As far as I can tell, Iris Robinson hasn't committed any crime here. She's clearly a Grade A hoon, her comments prove that much. Speaking of offensive remarks, I notice that Richard Littlejohn used his column in the Mail today to subtly compare Muslims with the Nazis. Nobody seems to have complained about that - yet...

As for Harperson's sister being an ambulance chaser, can anybody be surprised?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I am glad Iris Robinson has not "committed a crime" or we are all fecked. Since when has it been a crime to have an opinion? It's a pretty horrible, ignorant opinion, but a lot of people have those. It puts me in mind of the South African Health Minister who recommends eating vegetables as a preventative for HIV (and as a consequence is responsible for the deaths of thousands) or Gordon Brown who thinks it is acceptable to tax middle class people into poverty because of misplaced social idealism.

They are all, stinking rotten opinions and they must be fought with honesty and education and democracy and moral rectitude, not Gestapo tactics.

Oldrightie said...

8. According to Michael White, Labour isn't brain dead. Yet.

Maybe so but Michael White is.

Andy said...

Iain, do you really think that piece attacking Lib Dem blogs is one of the 12 best things published today, or are you just being tediously partisan? Be honest...

Iain Dale said...

Andy, You haven't seen the other rubbish that's around today. I linked to it because I thought it might provoke a debate. I am a fan of many LibDem blogs, and actually I disagree with Alex Singleton.

Mark Pack said...
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Mark Pack said...

As Andy says, Alex Singleton's piece is pretty poor, particularly the blunder claiming that Lib Dem Blogs and Lib Dem Voice are in some way rivals.

Both in terms of who runs them, what they try to do and how they link together that's nonesense - and gives the impression that the author doesn't really know his subject matter. I thought it was only bloggers who were meant to behave like that, not proper journalists on proper newspapers :-)

Alix said...

Yes, I was surprised at Singleton's ignorance - I thought he used to write for Samizdata and so on? He doesn't even seem to have understood that Lib Dem Blogs is an aggregator.

Alix said...

Actually I do think the nature/future of LDV is a debate worth having (for us, that is). But we're going to need a considerably better-informed and more meaningful set of starting points than Singleton's offering.