Monday, March 23, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Richard Benyon MP reports on a moving trip to Auschwitz.
2. Norfolk Blogger does a mea culpa on Peter Lilley.
3. How Did We Come to This gives his solution to MPs' expenses.
4. Tom Harris explains why he voted against a three line whip for the first time.
5. Paul Waugh thinks that Little Ben Bradshaw's future is not so bright.
6. Paul Flynn on a Daily Mail story on MPs' salaries which left 3 Tory MPs licking their wounds.
7. LibDem Voice on Labour MP Dawn 'Two Homes within 8 miles of Westminster' Butler.
8. Paul Waugh says David Lammy may be Labour's candidate to fight Boris. Oh pretty please.
9. Letters from a Tory writes to Rowan Atkinson.
10. Richard Spring MP on local heroes.
11. ConHome suggests Madsen Pirie for a Peerage. I agree.
12. Ben Brogan on Mervyn King's fiscal stimulus bombshell.

And as a special bonus, have a look at THIS post on ConservativeHome, which details a leaflet by the leader of the Labour Group on Lancashire County Council. Not that he mentions Labour on the leaflet anywhere. Or Gordon Brown. Is he embarrassed?

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Fidothedog said...

I do note that the old libel case losing MP Flynn failed to mention the fact that The Grauniad is in trouble.

Polly did a fluff piece pleading for folk to support the suffering papers, she in that is right.

So tomorrow I shall be picking up the Daily Mail.