Friday, March 27, 2009

Will Gordon Come to Regret Saying This?

"I haven't been going round the
world talking to leaders in every country
simply to say we are having a communique."
Gordon Brown

Why doesn't he just raise expectations a bit more? Let us remember that the G20 consists of four hours 35 minutes of talks, where each leader gets 14 minutes to say something.

You'd have thought that instead of jetting round South America and meeting Brazilian football players of yesteryear, Brown might be better employed spending time with a cold towel wrapped around his forehead planning the summit.


Alex Ross-Shaw said...

You may be shocked to learn this Iain but it turns out there are things called telephones and the internet with which you can communicate across vast distances without needing to be in the same room as someone! ;)

It should be fairly obvious that the No.10 team will also be doing the bulk of the organising, as it should be.

The PM's job (Tory or Labour) should be to drum up support for a consensus at the meeting.

If you doubt how much prep has gone into the event, read Steve Richards article today on the Independent site.

Trend Shed said...

The whole thing is supposed to be a PR jamboree for Gordon Brown.

Unfortunately for Brown this has backfired - the G20 seems to have become a lighting rod for criticism of Gordon's reputation when Chancellor and his mis-management of the economy as Prime Minister.

Given they have just over 4 hours together - this is certainly no Bretton Woods.

The budget on April 22nd will put the final nail in any PR bounce that Brown gets from this.

Man in a Shed said...

@Labourboy - you'll have to do better than that.

Now if the few real Labour politicians left haven't been able to come up with a plot to depose Brown in his absence then they don't even deserve the P45s coming their way from the electorate very soon.

Charles Clarke look like a study in calm reasonableness with just enough support for the Labour govt not to be obviously disloyal, but quietly contrasting himself with the chaos of Harman/Brown on Question time last night.

My guess is Big Ears is busy sharpening his set of steak knives as we speak.

davidc said...

how was the g20 ? the scampi was excellent !

w v dines - how very apt.

Anonymous said...

"I haven't been going round the
world talking to leaders in every country simply to say we are having a communique."

No? So he's listening to some leaders (if he can listen), takes their views and says I'll try to work that into the G20 so we can get a statement in the final communique – happy?

The wrong-headed protesters will probably have more to say than G20.
Globalisation under scrutiny

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Bigears was considered insufficiently able to run the Home Office. In think what goes on in QT is a bit overstated. The audience were however very anti anti anti politicians.

If telephones are so clever why does Brown not organise the G20 by phone?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Re Twitter

I have posted a Michael Winner lookalike on my blog, but I cannot remember who she is. Please help Iain, you will know.

Jeremy said...

Could it be Princess Anastasia?

[incidentally, word verification for Iain's bog was 'ineedu' - weird]

Jeremy said...

Whoops! - blog

Simon Gardner said...

I know someone who had the misfortune to have professional dealings with Winner. That person broke a phone on most occasions he had to talk to Winner.

Conand said...

In response to the quote from Brown I'll just approximately quote Diane Abbot MP on last night's 'This Week'. In addition to 'having a communique':

'they'll have a nice dinner too'

Pretty heady statesmanlike stuff from Brown isn't it? On a par with the 1st Quebec Conference.....NOT!!

Lola said...

You cannot analyse Brown's behaviour against normal criteria. He does what because (a) he's bonkers, or (b) he thinks it'll do him good politically.

Bert Rustle said...

Why do they not meet at an RAF base, in secret, with a video press conference for the hacks assembled in London afterward?

Roger Thornhill said...

Sidney Carton* he is not. Gordon The Cardboard Box, more like.

* No? Try here.