Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hannan Tells Brown Like It Is

Imagine how many finger nails were chewed during the three and a half minutes of this telling off by Daniel Hannan MEP.

UPDATE: Nigel Farage had a good old go too... And according to him, Brown delivered the speech to a virtually empty chamber. Bet that never happened to Blair.


strapworld said...

This speech is what David Cameron should have delivered. It was so clinical, so polite, so dramatic and in theEuropean Parliament and Brown had to sit and listen. He must have been absolutely livid.

Brown's speech was an utter disgrace. He will bend over any which way to get support. A speech of a very desperate man.

It is going to get extremely interesting over the next few weeks.

Why, the question must be, are SKY and the BBC not showing the Hannan zorro job on Brown?

Paul Wakeford said...

Good stuff. Now, lets all start saying it together. People in the street and at work are saying it - now please BBC, say it.


Standing ovation for Mr Hannan, please!

Mikey said...

I'm confused, how come this wasn't on the 6pm news? It can't even be found in the bloated Brownfest of it's report on Gordon's speech today. This seriously deserves to become a Youtube favourite. Let's hope channel 4 news will show some of the highlights. I do get the feeling that Dan Hannan is wasted in Europe

Johnny Norfolk said...

One thing for sure that will never be shown by the BBC. Its called balance. If you look at the BBC news site it only talks about Brown

Daniel1979 said...

Fantastic Speech. He should be in Westminster.

It's on my blog already, I think it will be on all the blogs within a few hours.

Unknown said...

That is one of the best speeches i've heard.

Just awesome.

Very well done Daniel!

jon dee said...

A clinical breathtaking demolition of Brown.

Dan Hannan, nothing short of brilliant.

Jon said...

mickeyff asks: "I'm confused, how come this wasn't on the 6pm news?"

Answer: because the MSM is completely corrupt.

North Northwester said...

The one week that Labour gets one thing right for the first time in four years, and this has to happen.

Life's just so unfair isn'tit?

Well , I'm off to the BBC to watch their in-depth coverage of this with their uniquely funded expertise.

James Manning said...

I think it's a sad reflection of our society that every word of that is true yet still Labour are polling circa 30%.

There are some idiots around.

Nigel said...

The question that you always have to ask when a speech like that is delivered is this:

"WTF didn't someone say all that sooner ?"


Mirtha Tidville said...

Quite one of the best and most effective political speeches I have ever heard. Bet Newsnight dont mention it either, cant see Crick the Prick wanting to give this an airing.....

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I want Daniel Hannan's children.

As Old Holborn said, in his wonderful, economic way with coruscating wit:

Hannan has just torn Brown a new arsehole.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

This is going on my blog. pronto.

aproposofwhat said...

I'd add this to my blog, but it's far too erudite and well constructed. (plus - nobody reads my bilious spoutings anyway ;o))

How long did he have Gordo's speech before he had to deliver this utter repudiation of everything the monocular moron of the manse had to say? If it's less than a few hours, then Dan's the best orator since Cicero, and we need him back in Britain now - he's wasted at the Eurotrough.

Trumpeter Lanfried said...


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Mr Hannan, beautifully delivered destruction of Bonkers Brown.

The best bit is that Brown was actually laughing (at 2:55), as if Hannan is the one, who is some sort of lunatic, totally detached from reality, rather than Brown himself.

Daily Blab said...

I'd be interested to see Brown's response.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this should be emailed to Obamas Chief of Staff?

But really 'strap' - take that chip of your shoulder ... how can Cameron in London reply to a speech by Brown in Brussels?

We know why BBC SKY (et al) do not publicise these things - they want to keep in with Campbell and No.10 to get nice cosy access.

Next time you are interviewed by the BBC I suggest you take it up with them.

Jess The Dog said...

Utterly brilliant, completely devastating.

Old Holborn said...


Get it on your blogs NOW

The MSM won't touch it.

So we will.

Paul Halsall said...

The problem with Hannan is that it is not true that only the work of a private employee has value and the work of a public employee none.

For example, the public employees who teach, repair roads, work as cops, etc, contribute real value to human society, while the work of private employees, such as, well, Hedge fund employees contributes nothing.

Anonymous said...

Heh ....Nigel Farage on a roll too in Ukipwebmasters link ....


Has any any other Euro government leader been show such disrespect in this place ...and just sat there and sniggered ?

Gordon's our global embarrassment

Once we were lions ..now we are brown

Alan Douglas said...

James Manning said...

"I think it's a sad reflection of our society that every word of that is true yet still Labour are polling circa 30%. There are some idiots around."

James, 30 % is about the payroll vote, who you'll never get to vote for Christmas.

Alan Douglas

Oscar Miller said...

C4 News (disgracefully) made no mention of Hannan. But they did show quite how empty the chamber was for Brown's speech. One man nodded off while another removed his headphones. Outside the absurd deference paid to Brown in this country by the MSM, he is of no consequence. Not in America. Not in Europe. The quesiton now is - how much longer can the BBC (and their broadcasting buddies) continue to fake it?

Warsteiner said...

Pure brilliance - more please Mr Hannan

Anonymous said...

Paul Halsall has a point.

I wonder if Brown knew he would have to put up with this - I suspect he would have brought Gorbals Mick along if he did.

It is perhaps apposite that on the day inflation actually rises (despite Browns justification of 'deflation' and even as the BoE is in a frenzy of printing money ), Brown himself is setting of for South America, that continent synonymous with the term 'Banana Republic'.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

A brilliant speech by Hannan, but the reason brown was smirking was that he knows this would never be shown on the MSM and so the electorate would not see this.

It is up to us to make sure they do.

wv: vityl

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Brown was grinning like a tit during the Hannan and Farage speeches



Wrinkled Weasel said...

Everyone has been saying it, but we must get this out into the public domain.

Once again, England confides that every man shall do his duty.

F*cking blog this now.

Victor, NW Kent said...

Magnificent and fiery oratory. Hannan showed the anger that so many of us feel.
Can't we get him back from the useless and impotent EU Parliament to serve in the House of Commons?

Tony_E said...

Brilliant. Haven't seen anything this good since Littlejohn bitch slapping La Toynbee on Question time.

Even my missus, who isn't politically minded at all, grimaced slightly as the Hannan stuck the knife in, twisted it, and twisted it again. Priceless!

Someone at central office needs to find him a seat at Westminster to contest at the earliest possible opportunity.

Salmondnet said...

The Brown smirk gets really annoying. I'm beginning to favour piano wire democracy.

Weygand said...

Save for the nautical metaphor, which was a little too baroque for the occasion, it was perfect.

There are however two regrets for the Conservative Party;
a) It needed to have been given by DC because it dwarfed his 'capitalism with a conscience' moment
b) Not having been given by DC, it is likely that it will never make the TV news.

Neither are Hannan's fault - well done that man.

PS Farage should also be mentioned in dispatches.

Ralph Hancock said...

Weygand, I'd disagree about the use of the nautical simile. The speech gave two necessary things: a mental image of an overloaded ship going into a storm; and a tagline, 'the devalued prime minister.'

Baroque? Yes, absolutely. The mother of all ship metaphors is that supremely baroque poet Milton. Here, in Samson Agonistes, the Chorus describes to the blinded Samson the approach of his treacherous wife Dalila [sic].

Chorus: ...
But who is this, what thing of Sea or Land?
Female of sex it seems,
That so bedeckt, ornate, and gay,
Comes this way sailing
Like a stately Ship
Of Tarsus, bound for th' Isles
Of Javan or Gadier
With all her bravery on, and tackle trim,
Sails fill'd, and streamers waving,
Courted by all the winds that hold them play,
An Amber scent of odorous perfume
Her harbinger, a damsel train behind;
Some rich Philistian Matron she may seem,
And now at nearer view, no other certain
Than Dalila thy wife.

Samson: My Wife, my Traitress, let her not come near me.

Jimmy said...

If that doesn't get Hannan elected JCR President then there's no justice.

Never mind the beeb, no doubt Le Monde will lead with it.

Are understand this is a partisan site but are you really that easily impressed?

Jabba the Cat said...

@ Paul Halsall said...

"For example, the public employees who teach, repair roads, work as cops, etc, contribute real value to human society, while the work of private employees, such as, well, Hedge fund employees contributes nothing."

Public sector employees solely consume wealth generated by private sector employees who generate a profit which in turn generates a tax revenue base from which there is money to employ public servants.

The public sector is a luxury affordable by a successful wealth generating society. Take away the wealth generators and there is no public sector.

Jimmy said...

Remind me of the extent of Hannan's wealth of private sector expertise.

aproposofwhat said...

Weygand, Tachybaptus - the nautical theme came from Brown's speech - he was wittering on about squalls and navigating through them, or some such nonsense (my eyes had glazed over at that point, and I stopped listening in the interest of self-preservation).

To pick that up and throw it back in Brown's face as Hannan did is masterful rhetoric.

And Jimmy - go away, play with idiots of your own capacity for a while, then come back to argue with the big boys.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I cannot see any of this reported in the mainstream media. Why is this.?

Unknown said...

Um, I appear to have a man-crush on Daniel Hannnan...


Blogging it now!

Ron Combo said...

Nothing even in The Telegraph and DH is a Telegraph blogger!

Bert Rustle said...

No mention on the BBC Radio 4 Today program so far. Presumably this is typical of the Drive-By Media.

However, the response of the Blogging Classes brings to mind that a .... candid [politician] should acknowledge that he is not very likely to have arrived at ultimate [pay dirt], but, in view of the incurable tendency to discipleship in human nature,[emphasis added] he will be thought to have done so unless he makes his failure very evident ...

Ian said...


The Tories need to wheel this guy out pronto round all the TV studios.

Weygand said...

Tachybaptus and Aproposofwhat.

Thank you for the points of information.

Is the passage from Agonistes a metaphor for the present crisis; the economy represented by Samson and Gordon as Delilah?

Twig said...

Thank you Daniel for expressing the case against Brown so eloquently.

I would have thought this eminently newsworthy, but the whole MSM have "overlooked" it.

Very worrying.

Chris Paul said...

Most interesting thing about all this rhetoric remains that it was Tory-style economies e.g. USA and Iceland that set the standard for banking collapse and that laid the traps for the rest of the world.

Twig said...

Chris Paul
"...it was Tory-style economies e.g. USA and Iceland that set the standard for banking collapse..."

Another way of looking at it is that the seeds of the credit crunch were sewn by the Clinton administration. See link
The spread to the UK was a result of the failure of regulation by the FSA (Brown's baby).

Brown wasn't complaining because he was raking in tax from the multi billion pound profits that the banks were declaring on the basis of the asset bubble created from the uncontrolled credit availability. Not to mention stamp duty and CGT. No wonder he turned a blind eye.

Jabba the Cat said...

Following up on Twig's Clinton link, here we have the douchebag Barney Frank being taken to task for his part in the Fannie & Freddy affair.


Pete said...

Cometh the Hour, cometh the Man.

That Man is Dan.

Dan Hannan.

Unsworth said...

@ Chris Paul

"set the standard for banking collapse and that laid the traps"?

So, Brown with all his knowledge and acumen didn't see these 'traps'? How come others did?

You're suggesting some sort of economic warfare - with USA and Iceland laying 'traps' for Britain? The only trap here was Brown's hubris and incompetence. He fell over his own feet.

What's a 'Tory style' economy, anyway. How does it differ from others? What are its salient points?

Jabba the Cat said...

Drudge Report has this video front page and is now most viewed item on You Tube today. Guido has the roll call at http://www.order-order.com/2009/03/hannan-speech-front-page-drudge-worldwide-most-viewed-youtube-video/ in the 2nd comment.

Bond007 said...

Can I encourage everyone who can be bothered to get into contact with editing team of all the major newspapers, and draw their attention to Hannan's speech?

Also to add comments to their blogs

The more the public see of Brown/Labour being brought to account in this way the better

We must make it our objective to get this into the MSM asap.

Pete said...

It's is now (5.30) at almost 80,000 hits - surely the MSM *must* pick up on this?