Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Nadine Dorries let's rip with her car, at Dr Evan Harris and Phil Willis.
2. Moments of Clarity speculates on a Clause IV moment for the Tories.
3. Devil's Kitchen turns his venom on Minister McNulty. And then some.
4. Douglas Carswell explains why he continues to blog.
5. Kerron Cross wonders what he has to do to be selected as a Labour candidate. Know someone important, possibly?
6. Peter Black AM explains why has succumbed to Twitter. As has Kerron Cross.
7. Sadie's Tavern probably won't be playing host to the Myerson family.
8. Archbishop Cranmer explains why Jade Goody was the Princess of people's hearts.
9. Dan Hannan explains why he's not turning his back on Obama. Yet.
10. Liberal England has a little quiz. With a prize.
11. Norfolk Blogger makes an arse of himself twice over. He doesn't realise Peter Lilley was Shadow Chancellor in 1997.
12. James Forsyth on the postponement of the Comprehensive Spending Review.


The Flying Spaghetti Monster said...

It's been a sad weekend for the hardworking taxpayer Ian. McNulty's troughing, Griffiths' sleaze, Hoon's lies...


I hope when your party gets into power they treat us with a little more respect!

Simon Gardner said...

Nadine Dorries is as mad as a bag of snakes.