Monday, March 23, 2009

Listen to 5 Live from 10-11pm

I was looking forward to getting home at a reasonable hour tonight, but I can never resist Richard Bacon's blandishments so tune into Radio 5 Live from 10pm until 11pm, when we'll be discussing MPs' expenses. I think someone from the Taxpayers' Alliance will be on too. And if you want to join in the debate you can phone 0500 909693 or text 85058.

I've also done a pre-recorded piece with Michael Crick for Newsnight on tax. I think I was so boring that it probably won't be used.

Sorry, no Daley Dozen tonight.

PS What do you think of my new West Ham blog? Thanks to Mike Rouse for the design and Russell Brown for organising such a smooth transfer.


ArthurBea said...

Sounds like someone fancies a bit of Bacon..

Anonymous said...

West Ham blog?

I still see my team Wigan Athletic are higher up the table. Run on a shoestring too.

actually I am a Rugby League fan but I'll draw a veil over our gallant 'developing' team at the moment.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

The West Ham blog looks very attractive.

Ian M said...

Why are you using the Labour MP for Dumfries and Galloway in transferring your blog?

Bird said...

Crick won't use your piece unless you rubbished Tory policy on inheritence tax. did you take a shower after meeting him?

Bearded Socialist said...

One thing i was disappointed that no-one raised re: subsidised food was that not only MPs work there. I, like many others, interned there for no money and it did me very well when i was working part time to pay for working for an MP

diogenes said...

West Ham, just east of barking in't it

I really don't know why I read you

Anonymous said...


surely until is shortened to 'til, so there should only be one "l"?

Man in a Shed said...

You were on Newsnight.

Weirdly I think Neswnight is getting better these days.

They are beginning to clock onto how much trouble the US is really in. (Which is hard for the BBC to do since the chosen one became president.)