Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Fraser Nelson puts the case against a top rate of tax at 45p.
2. Tracey Crouch on a Labour MP who has claimed credit for something he had little to do with.
3. Quaequam believes Lembit holds the key to LibDem blogging success.
4. Valley's Mam on a leaked memo which shows Plaid fear they will lose seats.
5. Graeme Archer looks forward to being stoned.
6. Tom Harris writes in praise of Iain Duncan Smith.
7. Douglas Carswell doesn't like trains.
8. Party Lines on the long running apology saga.
9. Kevin Maguire on the merits of Nick Brown. His mate.
10. John Redwood on why borrowing makes us poorer.
11. Chris Paul indulges in some delusions about me, Tom Harris and Red Ken.
12. EU Referendum reckons it's Amateur Hour at the Jury Team.


Old Holborn said...


How come we never make it to the daily dozen!

Anna Raccoon as written a stunner on how unelected judges can now kill "defective" children.

Who needs gas chambers?

Unknown said...

The best thing about Kevin Maguire's blog is how all the comments to every post just slag him off.

Fully deserved. Tedius little sycophantic tosser that he is. I think he's trying to line up a job in the Labour Party.

Iain Dale said...

Old Holborn, if you really have to ask...

Anonymous said...

Lets be clear - over ar CoffeeHouse James Forsyth puts the case FOR the 45p tax band.

Or rather not immediately repealing it once (if) in power. Eminently sensible.

Course if we follow you and Fraser Mr D, we never will be in power so your intellectual purity will remain unsullied.

You dopey ass.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I recently looked at your "Civvy" pictures and enjoyed them very much. Almost brought a tear to my eye, until I saw that terrible harridan, Yasmin Alibhai Brown.

How could you?

aproposofwhat said...

I bet Dougie Carswell would like the trains if they were Israeli, though ;)

Chris Paul said...

Thanks for the link Iain.

Are you saying you didn't give (or sell perhaps) the two Ken/Total Politics diary stories to the Guardian Diary? Or that you don't have influence at the BBC? or that you didn't boast that you had a handful of exclusives that you were going to pimp to your friends in the press!?!

Which I'm not complaining about by the way. That's the way diaries work. Someone tell Guido.

Iain Dale said...

I certainly didn't sell anything to the Guardian. I didn't even know about the Any Questions thing. I did indeed circulate the interview to the media the day before it was published.

I don't think I have any influence at the BBC, sadly!