Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Danny Finkelstein on the Alastair Campbell/Alex Ferguson interview in the NS.
2. Paul Waugh on Iraq War blunders and the Public Administration Committee.
3. Hunter & Shooter on how Labour hold on to the BME vote.
4. Capitalists@Work on the FSA Report which shows us to be worse than a third world country.
5. Shane Greer says Jon Cruddas is getting it wrong on tackling the BNP.
6. Tom Harris thinks the BBC have done Ken Livingstone an injustice.
7. FT Westminster Blog on the idleness of Labour MPs.
8. Sunder Katwala and Nick Cohen fall out.
9. Cicero's Songs reports on sloppy thinking at a Bruges Group event.
10. Letters from a Tory writes to Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.
11. Nadine Dorries want to catch the Tory leaker.
12. Archbishop Cranmer analyses Tim Montgomerie's Telegraph column.

Someone emailed me to ask how I compile this list. I have about 300 blogs on my Google Feed Reader. I obviously don't read each blog. I scan the list for interesting headlines and if one catches my attention I have a look at it and decide whether to include it. There are about 15 or 20 blogs which I read every day, so they naturally feature fairly regularly. Also, some bloggers send me emails linking to a post they are particularly proud of and hinting (or overtly begging!) that it might be included in the Daley Dozen.


subrosa said...

I'd never beg, it's not ladylike :)

Rob said...

Finkelstein's blog on the Campbell/Ferguson interview. Very good, just glad Fergie never went into politics. He's probably the only socialist on the planet who could whip that rabble into shape.

Giles Marshall said...

So you do accept unsolicited begging?!! This list is always very useful anyway, so thanks for keeping it up.