Monday, March 30, 2009

April Issue of Total Politics Out Now

The new issue of Total Politics is out this week, with some fabulous features, interviews and reporting. Here are a few of them...

Iain Dale In Conversation with Ken Livingstone
Interview with Andy Burnham
Interview with Angus Robertson MP (SNP)
Interview with Ieuan Wyn Jones AM (Plaid)
Budget Q&A with John McFall, Jeff Randall, Greg Hands & Jeremy Browne
Donal Blaney on the perils of political libel
James McGrath on life after Boris
Robert Waller on East Anglian marginal seats
Debate: Do political academics live in the real world?
Is the Church of England still the Tory Party at prayer?
The 150th anniversary of Big Ben
If I Were PM: Maxine Peake from Shameless

You can read the free of charge E-Zine HERE or the text versions of all the articles HERE.

A 12 issue subscription to Total Politics costs £35 (27% discount) and you can buy one HERE.

You can buy a print version of the magazine at any branch of W H Smith, or selected branches of Waterstone's and Borders.


Anonymous said...

Mr Dale - never mind 'Total Politics'.

What about 'Total Bollocks'?

In statements our Chancellor Mr Darling talks about £100 losses by Dunfermline Building Society. Indeed yesterday Yesterday he ruled out a baleout saying it would cost up to £100 million.

But in fact the taxpayer is taking on £1.6 billion of toxic assets.

What a shambles - where were the FSA? why has this only become news this last week?

I wonder whether I should buy a copy.
Can you tell me in your questioning of McFall - did you ask why he is such a miserable patsy for Gordon Brown??
if not I do not see the point.

Bardirect said...

Why are so many actors lefties? Must be a form of benefit reipient syndrome.

Still Devo - saw them in March '78

Simon Gardner said...

Most of the acting and entertainment industries have always been on the left. Most of big business leaders had always been on the right (which encompasses Blair).

It’s always been that way.

Jabba the Cat said...

The interviewees this month are all leftie hoons. Complete waste of trees.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

For goodness sake get a grip on your organ.

Put some babes on the front cover. Every issue has an ugly mug on it.

So ok, the Wonder Woman issue wasn't bad, but Hatters is older than me!

A note on how to improve circulation - just have the word "boobs" in a prominent position or "Cherie Blair Nude" - having fairly innocently had these terms on my blog, I find I am getting a lot of hits from Westminster Internet addresses and comments from someone called Richard Timney, complaining about the lack of hard material.

Tom Pinch said...

The Livingstone interview is really great. Much as I don't agree with his politics, he's quite an insightful bugger.