Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Daily Mirror is a Joke of a Paper

This is from the Daily Mirror's website this morning. I wonder if it is in the print edition. I know times are hard and that papers are sacking subs all over the place, but who is this Tory politician called Alan Clarke?

I look forward to Kevin Maguire blaming David Cameron for the error on his blog.


Sue said...

This is one of the only online papers that doesn't allow comment by its readership... I wonder why!

Plato said...

He's come back from the dead to bring up the Tories seduction stats.

Writedownthedebt said...

Chiill out Iain. It's a patently innocuous mistake on a small article on their website. Drop them an email and they'll rectify it for you.

Using is as evidence that they are a "Joke of a Paper" is assinine especially considing the wealth of dubious articles printed by The Mirror on the basis of acutual content. Though admitedly they will all have the right names and dates in place so it may be harder for you to think of a proper rebuttal all by yourself.

But no, lets not raise the level of debate, thats clearly not what you're here to do. Let us all just sit here and point out every occasion where the wrong name is accidentally added, where someone prints they're when they really meant there... You could make it a regular feature.

Oldrightie said...

Let us all just sit here and point out every occasion where the wrong name is accidentally added, where someone prints they're when they really meant there... You could make it a regular feature.

Arrogant sod. Sounds like "Toilets" himself. If you run a blog you can do or say what you like, silly man. A bit of fun at this trash paper's expense, lightens, just a little, the gloom of living under this dreadful shower of a Government.

Salmondnet said...

Writedownthedebt: It is an allegedly professional publication making an error which would cause even The Guardian to blush.

Why would Iain wish to point it out to them, is he on a retainer?

If not, let the evidence of incompetence remain for all to see.

AT said...


The Times have had this miss-spelling of William ‘Haigh’ on their website since last week.

golden_balls said...

It must be a slow day if this schoolboy error has made your blog

Anonymous said...

Bob Roberts..isn't that the nom de hoon of Jaqboots other half?

He looks miserable enough.

Three or four down his articles page;

"Nigh shift cancer risk for women"

If he's an editor, I can p*** out of my earhole.

Martin S said...

WDD They used the wrong name. A person who is dead.

How useless can the Miror get? Not much more, I think!

Not a sheep said...

They have used the wrong name; lazy writing and/or sub-editing? I would say that any political journalist who doesn't know the difference between the dead Alan Clarke and the very much alive Ken Clarke does not deserve to be called a political journalist. Facts are important and this is just sloppy.

wv = yesses - yes indeed

Anonymous said...

Resurrecting Alan Clark? There's a good idea. His online diaries would be particularly interesting.

As for typos, I often get facts completely wrong, but I rarely mis-spell them.

The frequent typos on journos online blogs are distressing. Even if tapping in while on the move there's no excuse for not spell-checking at a professional organ. It's how civilisation ends.

The Mirror's mistake is probably an age thing.

Bond007 said...

Writedownthedebt ... why don't you relax? Find yourself a girlfirend.

Anonymous said...

According to John Redwood the claim is bogus - Duncan has not attacked Clarke.

Redwood is clearly a lot more sensible that the Conservative backwoodsmen who invoke his name and is blog post also points to the real BBC agenda.

And defenders of the Mirror are quite frankly just showing up their bigotry. one wonders what they would have said if Bush had made the faux pas - some dumb assed lefty comedians have made a career out of it.

Chris Paul said...

And this bloggery from the man who twittered the made up word "qunatative" only yesterday? A short-lived sub-editor error hardly makes them a useless paper or a bad tweet and mispelt blogpost you a useless blogger. And it is not from Maguire now is it?

cassandra said...

Would this be the same 'Bob Roberts' who spends his time bombarding the comments section of the daily mail website?

Every political and social story with any connection to his beloved newlabour and his idol Gordon Brown is a target and his personal attacks on his idea of what a daily mail reader constitutes are sometimes quite offensive.

Hmmmmm, I wonder if a daily mirror hack should spend his days sending in his 'thoughts' to a rival news site, is this the new face of newlabour, hacking rivals comment sections?

Chris Paul said...

PS Perhaps Iain would also confirm whether the error was in the headline only or also the body text. If I had to guess I'd say the former.

Anonymous said...

If Mr Paul is reduced the moaning about the unib=verally appaling erroris in twittery and presumably texting he really is ndown amongst the dregs.

Thisis a major national newspaper which id bigotedly anti tory and pro labour. it did not make a spelling mistake - it completely invented a dead MP.

Pardon me why I snigger up my sleve - ooh aren't I awful.

Maybe Mr Paul would rather I snigger at yet another pompous useless pointless speech from Brown?

Apparently we need a "truly global society", with greate
Me - I want motherhood and apple pie. "fairness for all".

Anonymous said...

Make it up Maguire strikes again.

Alan Clarke was the Leeds striker in the 70s known as "sniffer"!