Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The (Angela) Eagle has (Crash) Landed

First it was David Lammy, then Sion Simon, but tonight it was Treasury Minister Angela Eagle's turn to crash and burn in a live broadcast interview. Her performance on Newsnight, talking about the Governor of the Bank of England's views on a fiscal stimulus, was woeful. But somehow rather compelling. Can we see more of her please?

UPDATE: Later on Newsnight, Keith Vaz popped up. here's what my politically non-interested partner had to say...

"Why is Keith Vaz allowed to play any part in politics? Isn't he thoroughly discredited?

Yes, I said. He's the Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee.


Anonymous said...

One is forced to ask the question is Labour's problem a lack of credible spokespeople or just a lack of a credible argument to make?

Lola said...

I, unfortunately, watched it, and I mean it as in Eagle. She was as decetful as the rest of them. She trotted out the standardclefty lie about 'market failure'. As I am getting tired of pointing out this is market success - markets passing an accurate judgement on failed lefty policies.

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

No thank Iain.

bed123 said...

I have just the Angela Eagle interview, it was scrapping-the barrel-poor. She didn't answer the question Jeremy Paxman asked her regarding Mr King's of the Bank of England undermining Brown's position about the fiscal stimulus (Brown must be livid).

She was all blather and no substance, just a pre-scripted rent-a-cliche rant about how bad the Tories are, she made herself look foolish. It was painful to watch.

Anonymous said...

Heh ..then Vaz turned up ...dunno what it was about ...I turned the volume over to Itunes , bit of Floyds Pigs (three different ones ..animals )...with Vaz gurgling off in the background ....heh ...almost lip synced ...

more meaningfull

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I too have a politically non-interested partner.

There I am going off on one about something or other and she says "are you going to make a cup of tea"

I find it grounds one, rather, in reality.

Kevin Williams said...

I just watched the repeat of the daily politics where a former labour minister was wheeled out to explain why our brave armed forces veterans are so badly treated and yes you've got it, it's all Thatchers fault. Lmao where do they get these prats from?

aproposofwhat said...

Yes, I watched it too, and was ranting at the telly again.

Cathartically, I blogged on it - if you like bile, then check my amateurish ramblings (no - no ad links, no income, just the explosion of disdain that the Neues Arbeit regime lights in me).

What a hoon-muncher that 'woman' is.

Martin S said...

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strapworld said...

It is, sadly, sad to see that the printed press has given up on unbiased reporting. They have followed the lead of the BBC and SKY for ignoring any alternative view.

Search them for any mention of Hannan's excellent speech!

We do not have a free press anymore.

How can David Cameron have any respect for the BBC when it is so biased. Go to the blogs of their european reporter, the odious Mark Mardell and the Oh so fair Nick Robinson. Any report of Hannan or even Farage? Of course not, that would be 'balance' and that is not for the BBC.

Time for the Licence Tax to be abolished. Why should I and people, like me, who want balance have to pay for such a biased broadcaster?

Rexel No 56 said...

I'm a slow lad but I'm finally beginning to understand all this:

Gordon Brown managed the boom so that he could become Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown is mismanaging the bust to try to remain Prime Minister.

Why else would one concentrate and overplay the monetary and fiscal stimuli other than to create a short-term uplift and electoral window at a point about six months from now? Never mind the havoc wreaked on the national debt.

Thank God the Governor has asserted the national interest. Was it a coincidence that he was at the Palace yesterday? Or was Merv being given the support of the sovereign over her first minister?


Chris Paul said...

Was hilarious to see Jesse Jackson referring to Keith repeatedly this morning as "Chairman Vaz".

Problem for non-partisans Rexel No 56 is that no-one has any faith in the Tories as they are showing no signs of having any sensible bust-busting ideas, and are in fact raining on parades of the world's incumbents - including conservatives.

They're not credible. That's the problem you've got.

There is no case for the claim that GB caused this mess by his non-Tory choices as worldwide Tories - vide USA and Iceland - have crashed worse and indeed poisoned us all.

And the rescription of cuts in services and cuts in tax for the rich clearly ain't the way to go.

Rexel No 56 said...

Well, I didn't appreciate that I'd touch quite such a raw nerve as to get an instant rebuttal from Chris Paul.

The somewhat contorted counter-argument posed by Chris is perhaps evidence that the rebutters, whether in the bunker or independent like Chris, are tying themselves in knots trying to undo the damage that the Governor has wrought.

CityUnslicker said...

I have sketched out what I think the the Nu labour plan that Eagle is trying to hide. Don't expect happy reading.


Dave H said...

"Why is Keith Vaz allowed to play any part in politics? Isn't he thoroughly discredited?

Yes, I said. He's the Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee."

Yep, crazy even to a backward child, but they really did give the the law and order brief to a proven crook.

Cue the chorus from The Laughing Policemen.

The equally incredible thing is they despair that the public holds them in such low esteem.

It might be simpler to imprison all our MPs and only release them one at a time if they've managed to prove their innocence.

Anonymous said...

Correct Rexell 56 and really no surprise th\t Chris Paul hits the big red button so quickly.

Brown did mismanage the boom to promote himself as the next PM.
Interesting that Tories get the blame for Labours mistakes.
The BIG MISTAKE of course was Blair not sacking Brown when he had the chance.

Mr Pauls anti everyone else diatribe conveniently forgets that AIGs losses for instance stemmed from its London operation its UK regulated operations

Brown made use of the City to promote himseslf - the depth of that will only be exposed following criminal charges when these bankers can have their day in court.

Conand said...

For somebody 'politically non-interested' that was absolutely bang on the money. Iain, I think you've found a natural.