Thursday, February 24, 2011

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7PM Sorry. Are you glad that politicians have at last learnt the art of saying sorry? And it’s just as well because our government’s performance in the last 24 hours over the Libyan evacuation has been shocking. Does Cameron’s apology go far enough? Whose head would you like to see roll? And also on Libya, what on earth is the point of the UN or NATO if they can’t intervene and protect innocent lives? Isn’t it time these international organisations grew a backbone, otherwise we have to ask if they serve any role?

8PM Immigration. Figures out today show a huge rise in net immigration. In the globalised world we live in, is it time we bowed to the inevitable and recognised that actually, there’s very little we can do about it and that we just need to learn how to cope?

9PM LBC Legal Hour with Daniel Barnett

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