Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Robin Simcox thinks the Middle East uprisings are vindicating the neocons.
2. Mike Smithson reckons the Yes to AV campaign should worry.
3. Guy the Mac is sceptical about the poverty figures.
4. George Eaton exposes Labour's dependency on the Unions.
5. Ed Staite wants more Britishness on our Bank holidays.
6. Seph Brown on the British Left and Gadaffi.
7. Charles Crawford looks at Arab compatibility with democracy.
8. Leslie Clark analyses the Orange Book.
9. Matthew Norman reckons Cameron has a lucky gift.
10. Chris Williamson is worried about youth unemployment.
11. Philip Booth explains why pensioners need to share the pain.
12. Peter Bingle has some advice for future Public Affairs consultants.

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Unknown said...

the last few links all point to the same Orange Book post