Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. All Arthur Laffer wants is good economics.
2. Eamonn Butler shows us why we should privatise forests.
3. Nick Herbert assures us that crime maps aren't a gimmick.
4. Anthony Wells reveals that the Conservatives have taken a hit.
5. Ben Brogan insists Cameron must now act.
6. Kristian Niemietz reckons Big Society and Big Government are competitors.
7. Steve Baker is happy with Parliament.
8. Political Scrapbook claim its first victim.
9. Ed West can't make himself like Sarah Palin.
10. A Pint of Unionist Lite is celebrating a landmark day for civil liberities.
11. Glyn Davies thinks Ieuan Wyn Jones is getting touchy.
12. James Burdett eloquently sums up my views on Prisoner Votes.

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javelin said...

Except ... you don't have the right to life if you threaten my life, then I have the right to kill you, and I would be thinking how could I kill you quickly and not how you could I kill you painlessly. In fact all rights exist in a context and those contexts are parts of society. As long as you believe laws are forces like forces of nature then you'll be confused. Laws are just "... because I say so" nothing more. The response to that is " I don't agree ... what are you gonna do about it?". You're right to say Political bodies are not what they claim. It's purely about power and not supremacy.

Technically, now you're talking about philosophy, you're making a solipsistic error called reification, which is to believe something is real (ie laws) when it's not. As Wittgenstein pointed out man made things like games (and laws) to not necessarily have a definable sense other than the ones we imbue on them.

It comes down to this. Tell the EU that you're not going to implement their law because you think it's stupid and any further correspondence on the subject throw it in the bin. If they launch a nuclear strike in response or issue an arrest warrant for the legal signator (The Queen) then take notice, otherwise sneer down your nose at them in a very sneery way.