Friday, February 25, 2011

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Friday

1. Johann Hari addresses the issue of Muslim homophobia.
2. Peter Hitchens on BBC bias.
3. Andrew RT Davies puts forward the idea of Team GB for 2012.
4. Ed West looks at why the working class don't vote Green.
5. Walaa Idris lays out her arguments against female quotas.
6. Michael Gove gives the case for democracy in the Middle East.


javelin said...

Female quotas are illegal. I have no idea why anybody would want their reputations trashed in the courts so easily.

javelin said...

This is worth reading £million plus donation to the AV campaign comes from the company that prints ballot papers.

This money needs to be returned asap.

Gesto Charles said...

Why not have a look at They seem to have the right idea and how to go about it.

Captain Hardy