Monday, February 14, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Iain Martin want No to AV to hang Nick Clegg.
2. Amol Rajan writes the unthinkable on universities.
3. Jackson Diehl looks at the upside of the Egyptian revolution.
4. Nick Robinson has some interesting snippets from his Cameron interview.
5. John Redwood shows the difference between weakness and flexibility.
6. Alex Barker reports that David Davis is having a knees up.
7. Charles Crawford wants Ministers to stop interfering in football.
8. Will Horwitz reveals that Joanna Lumley has re-entered the political fray.
9. Dan Hannan insists there are no net public sector cuts.
10. Tim Aker is a libertarian, but doesn't support Ron Paul.
11. Jeremy Browne explains why he supports the Big Society.
12. Autonomous Mind wonders what happened to the old, Eurosceptic Hague.

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