Monday, February 21, 2011

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm...

7PM Is Gadaffi doomed? As protests mount in Libya, is it time for Britain to reflect on its policy towards Libya and ask if the fact that Gadaffi has lasted 41 years is in part our fault?

8PM Should we be worried by the dramatic decline in language teaching in our schools?

9PM LBC Book Club with Duff Hart Davis (THE WAR THAT NEVER WAS) and Bill Brown (I'LL TELL YOUR MOTHER!)

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Boris Backer said...

On the topic of Gaddafi, see this new blog-post:

'Muammar, Hugo and Ken: Livingstone's shame.'

Boris Backer said...

Sorry, this is the link to my blog-post on Gaddafi.

'Gaddafi, Chavez and Livingstone: Ken's shame.'