Monday, February 14, 2011

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7pm: Today saw the main campaign launch of the No to AV campaign. They want to keep the electoral system as it is. Will you vote No to AV/ If so why? Because you feel strongly on the subject or you want to give Nick Clegg a bloody nose? Why would we even think of voting for a system Nick Clegg called a miserable little compromise? Guest: Zac Goldsmith

8pm: A boss who frogmarched a thieving employee to a police station after discovering he had stolen £845 from the company has been forced to pay the crook £13,000 for 'humiliating him'. Are our law courts out of control? Have they lost any semblance of common sense? Can summary justice ever be appropriate? Guest: Priti Patel

9pm: LBC medical hour with Dr Rob Hicks.

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Anonymous said...

As Yes! co-ordinator for Bristol, you might be surprised to find out that I agreed with almost everything that Zac Goldsmith says.

But that's because he didn't state a single argument against AV.

It's a long running joke in the Yes! camp about how NO2AV can't produce a single argument in favour of keeping FPTP.

And there are some very shrewd people in NO2AV. Both these facts together should tell you something about the paucity of their case.

Then you have Conservative HQ stifling debate within the party:

Then you have the staggering flaw of FPTP that the mere act of a UKIP candidate standing will seriously damage the chances of the Tory candidate winning.

Prior to 2010, there was a lot of disagreement as to which was the best electoral system. There was zero disagreement as to which is the worst: FPTP.