Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Working Class Tory explains why we need to redraw our constiuencies.
2. Eamonn Butler wants to scrap the minimum wage for young people.
3. Heresy Corner exposes the Yes to AV campaign.
4. Guido has a video of the Jo Swinson gaffe.
5. Think Defence takes a look at the Military Covenant.
6. Mark D'Arcy analyses last night's war in the Lords.
7. Matthew Hancock gives Miliband a lesson in economics.
8. Paul Waugh reckons Nick Clegg is wearing the trousers.
9. Mark Pack takes a look back to the 2001 General Election.
10. John Redwood on the Bank of England.
11. Better Nation is a bit fed up with politics.
12. Stephen Hoffman reveals an alarming power of government.

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