Monday, February 21, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Peter Watt think Labour need to detoxify the brand.
2. Peter Hitchens doesn't think highly of our justice system.
3. Charles Crawford talks about Arab Uprisings and Royal Weddings.
4. John Hayward looks at the Big Society in Context.
5. Max Atkinson analyses Dr Gadaffi's speechmaking skills.
6. Raheem Kassam wants Conference to look more like CPAC.
7. Ed Jacobs reveals the SNP were willing to give way on independence.
8. John Ashmore discovers Aaron Porter still wants a political career.
9. Luke Bozier wants the Labour Party to embrace the private sector.
10. Political Scrapbook report that Bill Aitken has quit.
11. Peter Hoskin wonders how far Cameron is willing to go.
12. And finally, Norman Tebbit wins the award for the most entertaining blog title.

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