Monday, February 07, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Peter Hoskin reveals why ASBOs have got to go.
2. Paul Waugh has the truth on Lockerbie.
3. Eamonn Butler gives the free market view on libraries.
4. Direct Democracy thinks the ECHR are treading on democracy.
5. Jonathan Roberts makes it clear that abuse won't be tolerated.
6. Andrew Murphy explains Reagan the man, not the myth.
7. Walaa Idris shares her opinions on Cameron's mulitculturalism speech.
8. Nick Denys reckons talk of the Big Society's demise are premature.
9. Katherine Birbalsingh publishes a rather touching email from a sixth former.
10. Steve Baker wants a return to sound money.
11. Nick Thornsby praises David Laws over tax reform.
12. Adam Collyer thinks the BBC need to sort out their website.

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