Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Mark Wallace wants an apology from the Guardian.
2. Fraser Nelson reports that Damian McBride has found a new job.
3. Rory Meakin is optimistic about competition in the public sector.
4. Mohamed Abdul Malek wants the government to put pressure on Gadaffi.
5. Political Scrapbook are impressed with Total Politics' new website.
6. Stumbling and Mumbling reckons universities are bouncers.
7. Anthony Wells shows the public don't like cuts, but they don't like Labour either.
8. James Forsyth thought that Cameron's speech was a good one.
9. Gaby Hinsliff thinks Cameron should back or sack Ken Clarke.
10. Nick Wood explains why the left are in a moral dilemma.
11. Christina Odone finds Jacqui Smith revolting.
12. Thomas Haynes thinks Osborne should take Nigel Lawson's advice.

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