Friday, February 25, 2011

On My LBC Show From 7pm Tonight...

7PM How important to you is the bobby on the beat? This programme has exclusively learned that Boris Johnson will launch a new scheme tomorrow which gives local communities two bobbies for the price of one. For every new police officer paid for by a local council, the Mayor will pay for another one.

8PM It’s Polling Day in the Irish general election. Three million voters in the republic will choose a new government to replace the one led by Fianna Fail’s Brian Cowen. We’ll be speaking to experts and asking what a new government will mean for Ireland, for Britain and for Europe. Are you a member of the Irish community living in London. Have you voted? Ring me and tell me who you voted for and why.

9PM How important are books to children? The government has halved the funding for the Book Trust scheme? If we really want our children to read, is this a false economy? What books inspired you as a child?
And if you have a film, play, concert or show to review then do phone in on 0845 60 60 973 between 8 and 9.

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