Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Ed Howker exposes Yes to AV funding.
2. Tom Clougherty gives us an Austrian School insight into inflation.
3. Tim Montgomerie takes a detailed look at the new No10 operation.
4. Andrew Haldenby wants more reform of the Civil Service.
5. John Redwood explains why UKIP should not support AV.
6. Anna Racoon digs a little further into the "technical problems" of BA flights.
7. Direct Democracy want Eric Pickles to go further.
8. Andy Mayer thinks we underestimate the grey terror at our peril.
9. Ben Brogan lays out the reasons why Cameron should care about AV.
10. David Osler reports that the socialists are still supporting Gadaffi.
11. Paul Richards has realised The Life of Brian was a satire of the Left.
12. Tim Dodds laments the loss of Iain Martin, and looks to the future.

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