Thursday, February 17, 2011

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm...

7PM The World Health Organisation has published a report which shows the average amount drunk in the UK is the 16th highest in the whole world. Is it time to admit that we’re a nation of drunks? And that we need to do something about it? Should we raise the drinking age to 21? Stop 24 hour drinking? Double the tax on alcohol? If you had to pick one policy to reduce our propensity to drink ourselves what would it be?

8PM We’re all excited about the Olympics, well some of us are, but if you can’t get a ticket would you buy one from a tout? Touts face fines of £5000 and substantial jail sentences if they’re caught. Which leads me to ask, what on earth is wrong with ticket touting? Have you ever bought from a tout? If you’re a tout yourself, do you fear these draconian punishments?

9PM LBC legal hour with Daniel Barnett from Outer Temple Chambers

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