Tuesday, April 06, 2010

An Unfortunate Phrase From Gordon

Gordon Brown finished his speech by saying 'Let's get to it'... Here's the reaction from one of my Facebook friends...

"'Let's get to it' or was it 'Let's go to it'? - Line from 'Pat Garratt and Billy the Kid' when the fat loser knows he has to go out and be shot by the Kid. Hardly an auspicious start."

Oh dear.


Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

As Raedwald spotted,

"We will renew the contract between the people and those that they are sworn to serve"!

Oh dear again...

(Harriet helped him back into the home though, so that's alright...)

Lossie Beachcomber said...

Along with his phrase .."I want to renew the contract between the people and those they are sworn to serve"

Seems he's just reminding us all who serves who under Liebour!

The Grim Reaper said...

Oliver Drew said "Of course I'm sure he meant to say a contract between the government and the people they are sworn to serve..."

Oh, he didn't. Brown may be a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them. He knew full well what he was saying.

Which makes him a complete and utter ████, as far as I'm concerned.

Martin S said...

That's the story of Gordon Brown. One unfortunate phrase after another.

Or as his mum might have said: "It's just a phrase (sic)he's going through!"

Chris and Laura said...

I was stunned by the "renew the contract between the people and those that they are sworn to serve" gaffe. It's amazing that Brown should make such a ridiculous blunder in a speech he has had months to perfect. And of course what he actually said is so spookily near the truth. He wants us to sign up for another five years of servitude - paying ever higher taxes for the Government to spend as they wish. Personally, I'm just relieved that he has finally found the courage to call the election. This is the one upside of the polls narrowing. If Labour had dropped back towards 25% I was honestly afraid he would start to say that the country was in too much trouble to risk an election now and he would do 'whatever is necessary' to delay it. At least now we get our say.

Michael Heaver said...

"Lets get to it" ater delaying the election for so loooooooooong? Really?

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, people, English is his second language!

His first is mendacity.

Evensong said...

It's just another Brown gaffe to be put alongside those other gold-plated* comments, including immigration stats, defence spending increases, Obama Beach, saving the world and a rise of 0%.

*I would say solid gold, but he sold it all.

tory boys never grow up said...

"But I want the Conservatives to win and I will do anything I can to help achieve that."

Nice to know your pledge to do anything is starting on such a high level. You have obviously never heard of Kylie Minogue or US politics where this is a very common phrase. Should we now try and extract a similar phrase from Cameron's next speech and subject it to ridicule?

tory boys never grow up said...

You see 2 minutes on Google - and we can all find where "hope, optism and change" came from. And we all now what he felt about "lightweight" Cameron.

Oh dear, oh dear as you would say!

Pogo said...

@Chris: "I was stunned by the "renew the contract between the people and those that they are sworn to serve" gaffe..."

Never heard of a "Freudian Slip"?

I've heard it described as "unlike an item of underwear, this slip reveals much more than it conceals".

Windsor Tripehound said...

If today's one o'clock news is anything to go by, we've got four weeks of preening, self-important journalists stating the bleedin' obvious to look forward to.

Beats having to work for a living I guess.

Penfold said...

He's buggered every which way.
The sands of time have run out.

Penfold said...


I inadvertantly mistyped your address as:-


I didn't realise you were the messiah.!!!!

Martin S said...

Another phrases for Gordon could be:

"I am not a number I am a.... errr.... {jaw clunk} Sarah? Sarah!! What am I again?"

John M Ward said...


Iain's not the Messiah, but he can be a very naughty boy at times ;-)

Anyway, phrase-watching (or listening) should be quite an enjoyable pastime during the next few weeks; but the Beeb will probably cut out anything embarrassing to Brown or Labour from their reporting, so we'll need to turn our attentions elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think the Media has missed a trick here when Gordon brown had his cabinet outside No.10 with him. Could it be that he was dipping all their hands into the blood of defeat? Obviously they all agreed with the decision otherwise they would not be stood there. Gordon Brown is not going to go away from the Labour leadership even if he is defeated.

Anonymous said...

How can you ever trust someone who who ends a sentence with a preposition? At least Eton learned Dave Cameron to talk proper.

John Woolman said...

I'm afraid it wasn't the fat guy who got shot but Billy who said that.

Alamosa Bill: [Billy and Alamosa prepare to shoot it out] I don't suppose there's any other way we could work this out? Nah. Well, let's get to it. Ten steps?
Billy: Suits me. You count 'em.
[long pause]
Billy: You ain't thought of another way, have you?
Alamosa Bill: No, I can't come up with nothing.
Billy: Get to it.


A very good film, especially the Bod Dylan sound track.

Anonymous said...

'Let's get to it'

I couldn't help thinking of 4:12 of this song :


I've now got a horrible image of Gordon performing in this video - HELPPPPP!!!!!