Monday, April 19, 2010

Terrible Campaign Leaflets

A reader has suggested I should introduce a new feature showing some truly terrible examples of candidates' campaign literature. Albert M Bankment has already put one in the post to me, but if any of you have examples you can email, please do so.


Richard said...

Iain, can you encourage people to upload to ?

A single central archive is better than lots of little silos, and well make sure we archive them for good to remind future mos what they commited to.

jailhouselawyer said...

Not the actual leaflet but the row about one...

Labour attack Lib Dems but score an own goal

Anonymous said...

I suggested it to Iain, not for an archive of their claims and worthless manifesto 'promises', but to pillory the sheer ineptitude of the literature.

In my case, the LibDem candidate's leaflet even gets the name of his own partner wrong. It's spelled one way in all the online guff, and another on the leaflet. One of them must be wrong. Furthermore, I stopped counting after 60 glaring typos on a single two-sided sheet.

As I observed to Iain, this mail-drop is important to the candidate and supposedly to us. If th candidate is as sloppy about this vital document, touting for my vote, it's not fanciful to assume that he'd be just as sloppy and inattentive as an MP. Although a Tory win remains probable, boundary changes do give the LibDems a chance and we deserve better.

Do I really want such a lack of objective, analytical scrutiny in someone who's putting himself forward for a seat in Parliament? Do I really want another bumptious wannabe coming out with the discredited "I made an honest mistake" excuse, so beloved of politicians, when he legislates me into another crass circumscription of my liberties?

I cringe with embarrassment when I see a mis-spelling in my contributions to other people's blogs, despite having the bogus justification of it being a rushed/angry/funny/approving reaction. These bozos, of all parties, have had months or years to prepare their campaigns. For the record, my Tory candidate's leaflet is clear, grammatical and a pleasant read. Labour haven't bothered yet.