Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Paul Waugh on the Top 100 Twitter influencers.
2. Tom Brady on what Nick Clegg might do in a hung parliament.
3. Alastair Campbell wants more policy on TV.
4. Stumbling & Mumbling on prostitution, choice and markets.
5. Pete Hoskin on how Chris Grayling on the Home Secretaries debate.
6. Fraser Nelson on the latest inflation figures.
7. LibDem Voice asks if the LibDem surge can last.
8. Socialist Unity believes the LibDems aree very unprogressive.
9. Paul Waugh on how the Tories are getting tough on welfare.
10. Michael Crick on the final tally of MP retirements.
11. Iain Martin on Nick Clegg's school days.
12. Guido indulges in some vote mapping.

And here's a nice video by Wandsworth Conservatives outlining their case for re-election.


Ralph Hancock said...

The Wandsworth PPB says that Battersea Power Station is 'a dynamic place ... a young place'. It's an old roofless ruin, and has been for decades, and it was destroyed by the greed of developers. Did they make this film in their sleep?

Theo Spark said...

The Tories need to get something like Newsbusted http://www.theospark.net/2010/04/newsbusted-42010.html