Friday, April 30, 2010

The Downfall of Kerry McCathy

Not for the fainthearted with lost of words I ban on this site. But funny, all the same.

Hattip Red Rag


Anonymous said...

Bit long if you ask me - also what is a twitter czar?

RJF said...

You used the F word in the Anti-Spin Room last night...

Andy JS said...


Why are the Tories still stuck on 33/34% in the polls after Cameron's performance yesterday?

I'm starting to think something weird is going on with the British electorate. Maybe they're masochists who want to suffer another five years of Gordon Brown, with Nick Clegg propping him up in exchange for the imposition of arcane voting systems, something most people are not particularly interested in.

jailhouselawyer said...

You ban strong language, and yet you support human rights abuse! Your morals are all over the place.

Good video.

Joe Public said...

It really does sum-up the turmoil in the Labour camp.

Effin hilarious

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Chillingly funny - 'I saved the world, and I deserve better than this!'

Otherwise not so chillingly funny, just utterly hilarious!

M. Hristov said...

One hundred times better than Jon Stewart. Language very vivid but funny all the same.

JuliaM said...

"You ban strong language, and yet you support human rights abuse! Your morals are all over the place."


Can't say I've ever seen anything on Iain's site that could be construed as 'supporting human rights abuse'. Well, not without stretching that term so far, it lost all meaning.

What's up, axeman? What's your beef this time? Not the 'votes for prisoners' again, is it?

James Chard said...

Downfall spoofs ceased to be funny after the first couple of hundred. Has nobody got any originality any more?

haddock said...

jailhouselawyer says
"Your morals are all over the place."

coming from a chap who laid about a defenceless old lady with an axe and killed her.... this surely is the quote of the year.

Anonymous said...

Not sure the Tory vote is stuck on 34. Not sure what it is in fact. Are labour on 24? Who knows. I do not think the polls really know what they are reflecting. Probably something horrible for labour.

Anyway - with it now Saturday and inevitably that meaning its Sunday tomorrow and with the Bank Holiday on Monday - there is not going to be much focus on the election. So really just 2 campaigning days left.

How many people will be taking the entire week off? Have they got a postal vote? Who will they have voted for if not??

Libertarian said...

@Andy JS

You ask why the tories are stuck on 33%

Well for 13 years the media has been supporting NuLab, telling the electorate how evil the tories, free markets and business people are. In an X factor, celebrity get me out of here on ice society the majority believe that free market business and by extension their tory party chums have in fact invented C02 as a toxic poison to kill the planet, deliberately bankrupted the world financial market in order for tory bankers to make a killing financially.

The hoi polloi believe that the totally free NHS is the envy of the world and no one would contemplate dying in any other kind of hospital.

Sadly because the present tory party has no principles, beliefs or cojones they have now admitted that all of this is in fact true but are no longer going to be nasty and evil so please vote for our policies whatever they are.

Natural tories wont vote for them because they aren't going to deliver small government, low tax, incentivised business and more jobs.

Natural centre left liberals won't vote for them as they already have two parties to vote for that do it better.

Extreme lefties have 2 parties to vote for Greens and BNP.

Despite the fact that the tory party has known since 1992 what they need to do to get back power and get the country back to business, jobs and growth they just wont do it. ie Have an in/out referendum on EU and to make democracy more local.

Don't take any notice of the polls though they are another anachronistic past their sell by date scheme that has been overtaken by the internet.

Here's my prediction.

The tories will win a working majority, simply because they are NOT Labour.

The electorate will treat them very harshly as soon as they are in power as they have served their purpose of getting Brown out

Unknown said...

"...Why are the Tories still stuck on 33/34% in the polls after Cameron's performance yesterday?..."

Easy, bloody women. The daft cows can't leave McDoom alone. Women are obsessed with sodding free handouts paid for my men having to work until we drop dead.

Just take a look at the piece in the Daily Mail with those dozy cows from Liverpool, all single mothers breedng like flies and all living off the state. Who do you think they are going to vote for?

Unknown said...

Oh and Iain did you see your mate the poisoned dwarf Yasmin barking mad Brown lose it on Sky last night with James Max?

I's have slapped her one the silly cow.

There SHE is lecturing the British about how great hung Parliaments are. What would SHE know? Last time we had one in the UK (which messed up badly) she was probably still going to the toilet using a hole in Uganda.

I don't need a foreigner (especially a lefty one) telling ME about democracy.

Osama the Nazarene said...

@M. Hristov - contrary to you I thought the Jon Stewart piece funnier, though this did raise a smile. Nice to see the Yanks acquiring a sense of humour and putting our parochial concerns into perspective!

Guess that's why we don't matter much on the world stage these days. A state well and truly cemented by 13 years of Labour rule.

spencer said...

Martin: I thought the argument/debate between James Max and Yasmin was almost more entertaining than Bigotgate. I learnt a lot from James and I'd just love to see it again. Absolutely brilliant.

Unknown said...

I have a feeling it's gonna take a bit more than that to win hearts and minds.