Monday, April 26, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Nadine Dorries recognises the public meeting stereotypes.
2. Party Lines profiles the marginal seat of Eastbourne.
3. Your Freedom & Ours on a success for the right ... in Hungary.
4. Guido accuses Kerry McCarthy of doing nothing to uncover John Cowan despite warnings.
5. Shane Greer remains optimistic about a Tory majority.
6. Sean Dilley doesn't seem to think much of wee Dougie.
7. Tom Bradby thinks Nick Clegg has made a serious mistake.
8. So does Alastair Campbell.
9. Blue Nation asks what is it with the LibDems and fake public sector workers.
10. Ellee Seymour bemoans the fact we won't be getting more women MPs.
11. Tom Harris finally gets to appear at Question Time.
12. Chaburn's Musings on another UKIP candidate who can't spell his own constituency.


Tortoiseshell said...

Further to your post about decapitating Ed Balls, BBCs Vaughan Roderick wonders aloud (on his Welsh language blog) about what do Plaid Cymru have up their sleeve in Neath (Peter Hain's seat)

Anonymous said...

According to the Telegraph disgraced donor Abrahams is responsible for Brown's rictus grin.

One of the by-products of Brown's strange election strategy (of touring supermarkets) is that he seems to be the only leader touring the country with his wife clearly in tow. Poor Sarah had to ignore a woman who told her Gordon was looking ill.

James Featherwell said...

A new blog.

"It's a bugger: you are a gay man who does not like show tunes. You meet a black American who is nauseated by Fried Chicken, but loves show tunes. What do you do? ..

more at

DespairingLiberal said...

Your Number 1 choice, Nadine Dorries, does not recognise "the public meeting stereotypes", she recognises "the public meeting stereo types". Hmmmm. I wonder if she is all that familiar with the fact that stereotype is generally all one word? Does she think it's something to do with a stereo, like that thing you put CDs into?

Trevorsden, she is there because the spin doctors have determined that she makes Gordie look normal by comparison.

Lauchlan McLean said...

It is very rare for me to critisise any thing you write or comment about, but am angry that you chose to include in the Daley Dozen:Monday the copy of the blog Chaburn's Musings in which the last paragraph is riddled with left wing poison, and to think this person is employed as a teacher. It makes you despair about the indoctination that these poor Yorkshire children are probably subjected to, is if they are not suffering enough living there is not enough

Alexander Macleod said...

I have another UKIP constituency gaffe. I live in newly created Kensignton, where Malcolm Rifkind is standing. Would you believe it I get a UKIP leaflet for westminster north. The candidates picture is a joke, there are several leaves in front of her face and she looks as if she is at a party. Email me if you want more details Iain :)