Sunday, April 25, 2010

They Come in Threes

It hasn't been a good weekend for Alastair Campbell. His idea for an Elvis impersonator backfired, his letter to broadcasters urging them to discuss policy was ridiculed. And in the last hour Burnley were relegated from the Premier League.

If I were him, I'd stay away from a keyboard for the rest of the day.


john in cheshire said...

Haha, Campbell, has been. I look forward to say 10 years time, when the chastised bbc, as they will be, have a 'where are they now' look at the shit that was in political control during the period 1997-2010. My prediction for Campbell is a 'clinic'.

miko said...

I predict he will be a bum in the gutters of a Labour sewer.

Mandelson and Campbell - the nastiest couple of shits ever to walk the corridors of Westminster.

Pam Nash said...

After the Elvis lark, Comical Ali* would be well advised to take the 'Strategist' section off his website.

* © Kevin Maguire - erstwhile Labour toady.

Unknown said...

Alastair Campbell suffers from mental illness so he should not be held responsible for his political views - nevertheless it explains his support for the NHS.

GBN said...

Wonder where Kevin Maguire got his "Comical Ali" from?

As posted on 29th March