Friday, April 23, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. The Straight Choice on those Labour bus pass leaflets.
2. Online University Reviews on 10 writers who went to prison.
3. Claire Coatman on her education under New Labour.
4. Burning Our Money wishes you were here.
5. Paul Evans asks if Torybloggers are an asset to the abbey?
6. Blue Nation on Vince Cable's sleight of hand over Michael Brown's dodgy donation.
7. Tom Harris reviews Paul Flynn's autobiography.
8. Guido wants to know if you are a Tory chihuahua.
9. Glen O'Glaza is clearly still taking the pills. He asks if the LibDems could come first.
10. Alastair Campbell clings onto hope that Brown can stil do it.
11. Brian Barder on the rules for a hung parliament.
12. Cranmer on a parliament for England.


Jon Lishman said...

Get it off the chest meaningless rant alert (and apologies for the personal references):

Counting that rather fluffy Paul Evans post among your (Iain) Daley dose of Officially Approved Posts confirms something I'd suspected for quite a while, sadly (and there's no side to this comment): that New Media "gurus" like Iain Dale imagine that what he thinks of as being his "blogosphere" should be an accredited organisation populated by vetted stooges that only he, a blog "guru" can approve (Con, Lab or otherwise - doesn't matter, so long as Iain SAYS).

I believe that's the thrust of the thesis in the post by this moron, ignorant anti-Tory person named Evans that Iain "I am the law" (no offense) Dale was so ridiculously quick to advertise on his "Tory" (ha) (ha ha) blog - and thus endorse, though deniably.

Damn poor.

Hey, you don't need to disown me, (referring to the super-dumb Evans post you advertised concerning greasy toothed righties) old chap.

I'm a Tory blogger, of sorts.

You know, the kind of Tory that prides himself on his conservatism and his intellectual independence, which I regard as the very definition of our cause, and a worthwhile one it is too.

It must therefore be an accident that Iain Dale agrees with the idiot Evans, or, perhaps, a misunderstanding. I hope (and believe) it's the latter. It had better be.

Evans is telling Dale to cast me off. I say to Dale: cast no one off, lest you be cast, er, orf. We're all in this together, goodthinkers or otherwise. Come together, right now...and all that.

Er, that's it :)

Jon Lishman said...

Sorry about that, btw. Hard day - been out on the lash. No need to post it.

Oh, too late.