Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cuts, Cuts, Cuts

This is a short video explaining how Obama is planning to slash government spending. Or not. Perhaps the Taxpaers' Alliance should make a UK equivalent. It's rather effective.


Henry Wood said...

It's about time the Tories did a similar vid showing the 6 billion which Labour ficticiously says is to be "removed" from the economy. Wot I want to know is how do you remove 6 billion pounds if you have not yet imposed the 6 billion pound tax? Surely if the tax is cancelled, *THEN* the 6 billion will be remaining in the economy and will not be funnelled to the exchequer, no?

Jason Myers said...

Cameron shud make a vid of this for those idiots in LibLab who think taking £1 out of every £100 of government spending would ruin the economy. Perspective!!!

Great vid!

Jabba the Cat said...

The question is do we have enough pennies and a large enough table to model our current borrowing mess?

Gazza's UsefulTips and Blog said...

Oh Dale, dale, dale, what a brilliant video to share with everyone.

Cameron should do something similar to show how Labour and LibDems are fooling the population.

Patrick said...

Try to imagine that the government's budget is your £40 weekly food shop.

Now try to save 40p !