Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Has anybody read anything in the Tory manifesto
specifically ruling out stealing my bicycle?
Do I need a new lock?"

Moriarty (commenter)


Unsworth said...

An absolutely untenable position for the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and a Deputy Prime Minister. These are positions of (apparently) real responsibility demanding the highest skills and intellectual rigour.

I note that no party manifesto has specifically ruled out legalisation of wholesale slaughter and eating of the first-born, too. No doubt the Conservatives will be delighted at this news.

Angry Walrus said...

I think we need a #notinlaboursmanifesto twitter hashtag, see if we can get the traction that the #allnickcleggsfault one did.


Jimmy said...

Given the number of back of the envelope Cameronisms announced this weekend alone that weren't mentioned in the manifesto you wonder why they bothered printing the damn thing at all.