Friday, April 30, 2010

Jon Stewart on 'Bigotgate'

This is reeally, really funny. It's Jon Stewart's reaction to the debates and also Bigotgate. It's 6 minutes long but well worth seeing through to the end.

Click HERE to watch.


Rebel Saint said...

I can't see it :o(

Unknown said...

Right, that's it. I'm voting Labour now.

I'm not having some smug, slimy Yank making fun of our Prime Minister... that's your job Iain.

Mick Turatian said...

Screamingly funny! Thanks for the pointer.

Unknown said...

I'm getting not available in your country (UK). Can't find it on YouTube either!!!

I suppose I'll have to wait until 20:30 tonight to see it...

Jon Stewart is getting better as time goes on. People should watch him at 08:30 on More4 if they haven't seen him yet.

Sadly, we have nothing like him in the UK.

How they manage to get clips from years ago showing people's hypocrisy within a hours of breaking news is just incredible.

And people say Britain has the nest TV in the world. In some areas, the USA show us how it can be done.

Mirtha Tidville said...

Really loved the last sentence ..`you could see his political career leaving his body`...About bloody time!!!!!!

Unknown said...

How are some of you seeing it?

Are you not in the UK?

Faceless Bureaucrat said...

Ha ha ha ha ha....

I have always felt Jon Stewart was more Democrat than Republican and as such, surprised he went with this issue.

Still, have to agree with 'Mirtha Tidville'...

"Really loved the last sentence ..`you could see his political career leaving his body`...About bloody time!!!!!!"

PS: For those above having problems viewing, just click on the 'Having trouble viewing this video? Click Here.' link - worked for me.


Snotrocket said...

Although the message says 'can't be viewed in your country', there is a click link below the window that says ' click here if you have difficulty watching this'. That refreshes the session and allows you to watch the video.

As you said, Iain, ROFLMFAO!!!

Unknown said...

@Faceless Bureaucrat:

Thanks for the tip re: watching the video...

"I have always felt Jon Stewart was more Democrat than Republican and as such, surprised he went with this issue."

Just last night Jon Stewart said that he was an east Coast Liberal. He makes no attempt to hide it.

Even though he is a staunch Democrat he has poured scorn on the Democratic party in the way they try to 'push' legislation through Congress and seem obsessed with the super-majority in the Senate.

As he always says, George W. Bush never had the numbers the Democrats have yet he managed to steam-roll dubious legislation through Congress.

Roger Thornhill said...

Well, Iain, not sure why you are laughing that much, for it was at "you:, as in the Tories, not with during the beginning, as he exposes the fiddling while UK burns money.

Quibbling over bus passes, arguing over £6bln or not...I mean, Cameron could not even land a proper punch on Gordon over that fatuous "taking out of the economy" lie even though a) he has been telling it for at least a week and b) some chap on BBCQT gave an example of how it could be done, deliciously pwning Yvette Cooper in the process.

And still, after the economy debate, the truth was not fessed up to. At. All. No, Clegg was not going there. Even Vince Fable did not really come clean.

Basically we need to cut spending by £160bln or thereabouts. Let say 20%.

Costs will still rise and at likely faster than the economy is growing, so expenditure growth is likely to still keep ahead of revenue growth, so the longer you take the even longer it will take as the end slides away from you.

And all three "main" parties mumbleswerved.

Shame. On. Them.

Unless you can say "we told you so", and right now you cannot, the next four years will be even worse, for even those who support you will say you did not warn them.

Yes, Cameron is right to want to go for cuts ASAP, but he has to talk about, pretty much, a "Zero Base" policy, with only the absolutely vital functions anywhere near keeping their resources.

Unknown said...


As this blog is about Gordon Brown I'll add these details.

Gordon Brown took over the running of the UK economy on May 1st 1997. He will (hopefully) lose that control on May 7th 2010. That is a total of 4,754 days in charge.

On 1st may 1997 our national debt was £354 billion.

At the beginning of April our national debt was £906 billion.

That is an increase of £554 billion (give or take a bit).

This works out at an increase in our debt of:

£116 million per GB day.
£4.8 million per GB hour.
£80,926 per GB minute.
£1,348 per GB second.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Curled up laughing!

But part of me is ashamed that our Prime Minister can make himself a laughing stock around the world.

Magical_Mist said...

I had that problem recently with another video that Iain linked to. As I said then...SORT IT, DALE! :)

Anonymous said...

Magical_Mist now using his Typepad account, as Andrew S - just to let you know

Anonymous said...

Iain, use this link instead:

Unknown said...

I am not too well up on Colonial terminology, Is a 'Clustershag' what we would refer to as a Clusterfcuk? If so Why has the British press not been calling him this?
(apologies for the strong language at this time of day..)

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...


I too agree the best bit was:

" could see his political career leaving his body"

Do click on the link "For those above having problems viewing, just click on the 'Having trouble viewing this video? Click Here."

You can then watch the video.

wv: giver :)

Infuriati said...

Say's I can't view it in the UK...

Martin said...

Here's something that should tickle your readers too. ITV are going to employ their very own mental health bigot on election night.

Londonerr said...

Thanks Phil. That's v funny, esp the last few seconds. Comedy gold. 'Soul-o-vision'!

Seems he's still missing that soul during the Paxman interview.

It's a crying shame, it couldn't happen to more deserving man.

Martin S said...

Thanks, Iain. That was priceless.

M. Hristov said...

Yes, highly amusing. I thought the extraordinarily patronising way that this very rich man, who probably never uses a bus pass, referred to David Cameron’s concerns was hilarious. He obviously doesn’t realise that a 3 mile journey here can cost £4.50 and that petrol is so much more expensive than the US. His reference to bigot gate was equally amusing. Apparently, only the Americans can have gates. Priceless comedy. Lets have more of it. Reminds me of my first visit to the US as a callow youth. The only disappointment was the laughable lack of quality of US TV.

Yes, Brown’s true unpleasant character has been revealed by bigotgate but we don’t need a US ‘comedian’ to remind us of this.

Paddy Briggs said...


Bad luck on Dave but hilarious on the Bus Passes!

Grand_Inquisitor said...

Finally got to see thank to the tip given by 'FB'. 'twas great.

irritable said...

I liked the way he blamed it all on Sue like everyone else is doinhg on