Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Benedict White reports on a councillor who has defected to the Conservatives from the LibDems.
2. Iain Martin on the Labour strategy meeting which decided to use Elvis.
3. Glen Oglaza on how the Tories can win a majority.
4. James Forsyth uncovers the latest Vince Cable flip flop.
5. Blue Nation on how Ed Balls is about to become a eunuch.
6. Tory Outcast wonders if Nigel Farage may fight a second seat.
7. Skipper accuses Labour of giving up in Chester.
8. Though Cowards Flinch is horrified by the prospect of a hung parliament.
9. Ben Brogan asks what effect the debates have had on parliament.
10. Quaequam blog has a suggestion as to where Polly Toynbee can stick her clothespeg...
11. Ellee Seymour thinks Nick Hillman is winning the Cambridge student vote.
12. Hopi Sen reviews Conservative plans for compulsory elections.

1 comment:

Cantstandcant said...

Oh but Iain this is all down to your wonderful first past the post voting system. It's what can happen, as it did in 1951 and 1974 Feb. Were Tories in 1951 marching on Downing Street to protest at the removal of Clem Attlee? Were they marching on Downing Street to protest at Heath's removal and 6m Lib votes producing 14 MPs in 1974? No. Funny that. Unless you favour some form of PR, sorry, you cannot have your cake and eat it.