Monday, April 19, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Monday

1. Iain Martin says Tim Montgomerie was right about the leaders' debates.
2. Anna Raccoon on how a local newspaper in Sutton misled its readers.
3. Phil Taylor on how the LibDems will hit universities.
4. Nile Gardiner asks in Nick Clegg believes in NATO.
5. Wintour on Watt on Clegg's Iowa moment.
6. Guido on the Labour candidate who rules on BBC bias!

And here's quite a funny parody of Nick Clegg's performance in the debate set to music.


Anonymous said...

A Vote for the Lib Dems will mean Gordon Brown in No.10 for at least another 5 years if not longer as Labour and the Lib Dems will change the voting system so you can never kick them out.

A hung parliament will cost you money, it will mean sterling falls on the currency markets. The fall in sterling will mean higher fuel prices and higher food prices.

The only way to avoid this increase in costs due to sterling falling is to vote conservative as they will narrow the gap between government spending and taxation. The Lib Dems is a vote for higher prices as it will allow Labour to stay in power.

Protest voting is cutting your nose off to spite your face.

Liberal Democrats support immediate entry to the Euro currency.
Liberal Democrats want to let 58,000 criminals out of jail to serve their sentences in the comfort of their own home.
Liberal Democrats want an amnesty for all Illegal Immigrants and Unrestricted Immigration.
Liberal Democrats want Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament.
Liberal Democrats want Wind Turbines to be the sole means of keeping electricity and the lights on. No Nuclear, Gas or Coal fired technology.
Liberal Democrats want to make Drug taking legal.
Liberal Democrats broke their manifesto Pledge on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
Liberal Democrats do one thing and say another – they are the most dishonest party in British Politics.
Liberal Democrat MPs have been caught Troughing whilst their leader Nick Clegg failed to Oust Lord Rennard from his job for abusing expenses. Meanwhile the Michael Brown £2.4 Million Dodgy Donation has remained with the Liberal Democrats despite the fact it was stolen money, taken from innocent investors. This money has repeatedly been asked for by the victims of the crime yet the Liberal Democrats piously claim there is nothing wrong whilst indulging in partisan attacks on parties that have not taken stolen money.

Nick clegg is wrong and extreame, he wants to allow opportunities for those from outside the UK that British people can fill.

Maverick Ways said...

Caesar The Moment:

Stepney said...

Dear God take that video off - it's beyond crap.

Looks like a Lib Dem ppb