Sunday, April 25, 2010

The UKIP Candidate Who Can't Spell His Constituency

Now I am not being patronising, but if you are a parliamentary candidate, it's always nice to spell the name of your constituency correctly. It at least shows a little local knowledge...

Emmett, mate, it's Chislehurst.

And take your hands out of your pockets. Your mother can't be blamed for you not being able to spell, but it's a pity she didn't teach you good manners.

Just joshin'.

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Witterings from Witney said...

Nice try Iain, but the barb is directed at the wrong person. These leaflets were all ordered and supposedly 'proof read' by UKIP Central - so don't blame young Emmett.

Point taken though........Let us hope the compliment can't be returned?

Anthony Z said...

My local UKIP candidate (kinda, they leafleted the wrong constituency, startlingly professional) literally promises a "land of milk and honey" on his leaflet:

TheBoilingFrog said...

As WFW says, this looks like the official electoral address. It's spelt correctly on the UKIP website, so it maybe a printer cock-up:

Unsworth said...

@ Witterings

As you say, 'nice try'.

So you'd have us believe that this candidate takes no responsibility for his own leaflet, has not even seen and read it before distribution? Maybe that is indeed how UKIP Central operates...

Young he certainly is, and wet behind the ears, quite obviously, but given UKIP's desire to contest the seat one might expect even UKIP Central to spell the name of its target constituency correctly.

A nice try.

TheBoilingFrog said...

oh and talking of spelling mistakes:

Unsworth said...

@ Boiling Frog

I happen to know the print industry pretty well. Care to tell us how a piece of typesetting was printed without client approval and sign-off?

Who checked the proofs? Who checked against the original copy - assuming that to be correct? No one within UKIP, apparently.

So UKIP should order the printer to pulp the lot, reprint and re-distribute at his expense.

Noel Bell said...

hah classic! My UKIP candidate is Hugo Wareham, will be checking if he can spell Putney :-)

ukipwebmaster said...

Oh well,
At least it's throwing off the 'Dad's army' image the media like to portray.

Analogue Junkie said...

UKIP have a record of this kind of thing.
In their current leaflet they've ruffled a few local feathers by spelling ''Camborne'' (in Cornwall) as ''Cambourne'' courtesy of their London base.
Hopefully some of their votes will now go George Eustice's way...

Kitto said...

I just wish UKIP were a bit more professional about the way they are conducting their campaign. They have a chance to make some real gains on their share of the vote but sometimes I really get the impression that they're doing the best to throw it away!

Weygand said...

The last time you posted on spelling, I mentioned the grief caused by my local Conservative candidate Gary Shores (West Hull and Hessle) and his belief in 'umberellas' and 'existance'.

Last week I received a further broadsheet flyer in which he described how 'appauled' he was about a certain issue and in which it states Gary says, "As a Hull businesswoman I know..."

Two things to note;
1. Gary is by profession a teacher (not surprising then that Hull schools are among the worst in the country)
2. The issue he is (rightly) complaining about is yet another crass decision by the Conservative East Yorkshire Council (see any recent issue of Private Eye for just a flavour but there are more).

I believe in Conservative principles - but these include ideas of merit, good governance etc. How can someone like me keep my self-respect and vote for such a candidate to be an MP (and while he is right that he has no choice but to build his platform on opposing the Conservative council administration)?

Alan Johnson will win the seat hands down (and for demographic reasons always will) but no doubt many like me who long for the end of a Labour government will not feel they can honestly vote against him, if this is the best that the Conservative Party can do.

Forget the ephemera of TV debates - this is the type of thing which determines how people actually vote.

DespairingLiberal said...

They were probably ordered by Nigel Forage and paid for by Lord Person.

I enjoy reading Iain Dahl. Not as good looking as Sophie, but perhaps as good a cook!

Rebel Saint said...

Seriously, a spelling mistake and having your hands in your pockets will effect people's votes more than policies or character?

That's why politics is so bland. "Right" coloured suit & tie. "Right" hairstyle. "Right" posture.

I thought everyone wanted an end to spin, PR and shallow judgements.

Unsworth said...

@ Rebel Saint

"Seriously, a spelling mistake and having your hands in your pockets will effect people's votes more than policies or character?"

Care to explain how this portrait photograph could demonstrate policies or character? Care to explain how this apparently unchecked and unread leaflet explains anything about this young man?

And no, it won't 'effect' anything at all. But it might 'affect' some voters' views.