Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quote of the Day II

"It's not about immigration itself,
it's about respect for what ordinary people think."

Voter in Luton North reacting to Gordon Brown's gaffe


Jim Baxter said...

Spot on. We can all be two-faced sometimes, and get caught out sometimes, but to catch a Prime Minister doing it who depends on good will is something special. Not surprising to those of us who think we know the truth about how bad Brown's character is but, none the less, special.

This has been a good day. Respects to Mrs Duffy.

John Q. Publican said...

The only response which springs to mind is 'Er, why not? It should be about immigration, i.e. policy'. It should be about the fact that this woman thinks in red-top tabloid language about immigration, and how woeful that is.

It isn't because that doesn't sell news anything like as well. Life-long Labour supporter is isolationist and anti-immigrant; and the pope shits in the woods. Gordon Brown doesn't respect ordinary people:"AHHH! BEAR SHITS IN VATICAN!"

Anonymous said...

That lady expressed very moderate views on the subject of immigration - they are views similar to those held by an enormous number of voters.

Everybody be fully aware of the utter contempt in which you are held by this government and its leader.

And think about that when you hold the pencil above your ballot paper.

west coast wanderer said...

all he needs now is a donkey jacket and a rally in Sheffield

Bill Quango MP said...

Good day to bury bad PM's.

I could hear the initial car crash in London. But apparently the squealing tires of the Mandelson Bootlegger 180*, reverse handbrake turn could be heard in Cornwall.

Janner said...

" It should be about the fact that this woman thinks in red-top tabloid language about immigration, and how woeful that is."

No, she expressed herself very politely. Trouble is Mr Brown and his fellow travellers won't admit their immigration policy is, and has been, a shambles

Still as long as the champagne socialists have cheap child nannies and their business mates have cheap labour to suppress wages its OK isn't it?

PJP said...

Quote of the Day II?

Does having two of them not defy the whole point of a quote of the day? ;)

Mirtha Tidville said...

Any chance of another `Downfall` jobbie Iain.....I feel a Steiner moment coming on...

Unknown said...

The Sun has -
"Grovelling grinner: I'm a sinner"

Maybe Mrs Duffy would like to supplement her pension by helping them with tomorrow mornings headline.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Bill Quango's comment is right!

The first call went to Mandelson, and a 'what shall we do' panic ensued.

Because everything that Mandleson says is immediatley discounted by the media, there was - and will remain, a 24 hour chasm of gloom.

So watch what happens while this story is buried eh?

Plenty of nasty stuff can get bundled into the sidelines in that time.

Could even have been planned!

Roger Thornhill said...

This is a very important point for this Labour administration has overseen a rapid increase in legislation to prosecute people and harrass them for what others might think they said, yet we are asked to let the PM off the hook?


The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

Its amazing how the videoed evidence of the deliberate betrayal of an entire culture can be downgraded to a mere "gaffe" by our friends at the BBC.

Twig said...

Brown's remark confirms that her statement was correct.

Why are they pretending it was some kind of misunderstanding.
They really do take us for mugs.

waymore said...

BBC News just now: Harriet Harman, glottal stops flairing, going down in flames, trying to defend a sociopath.

It's over, love. Kaput.

javelin said...

When in hole ... start burying.

javelin said...

I went to bed thinking about (1) his negative attitude (2) his misplaced blaming (3) his rude tone (4) his inability to understand voter concerns (5) his lack of empathy (6) his pursed grin after not having his apology accepted.

I went to sleep with all these concerns and like a bad boy/girl friend I decided I would want to dump him.

Unsworth said...

A few points:

Brown's sole concern is/was how things appear. His remarks on getting back into the limo were centred on whether images and recordings of the original 'interview' would be used by the media. He then immediately cast around for someone in his own 'team' to blame - the hapless Sue Nye being the victim this time. And that said and done, he then decided in his usual paranoid manner that this woman was a bigot - so her views were of no import or interest to him. At no stage did he question his own actions and comments. This is the clearest indication of his character.

All that was reinforced when on emerging from the lady's house he portrayed the incident as one where he had not 'understood' what she was saying. That may be so - although it's a very slim chance - but what was clear is that Brown was determined to dominate the original discussion, talking over Mrs Duffy at all times. Had he bothered to shut up and listen maybe he would have 'understood' what she was saying. However, her views were clear enough to the onlookers, I think.

No, Brown has been caught red-handed doing what he habitually does. His apologists may choose to portray this as a genuine mistake, but there are far too many aspects of his character and his attitudes which are still unanswered by their excuses for his behaviour.

This is not a one-off. What we have seen is the man himself.