Friday, April 09, 2010

Labour Candidate Makes a Tweet of Himself

Whenever I talk about the effect of the internet on this election I usually say that there will be an "idiot candidate" who says something stupid on Twitter who will become a national story. Step forward Stuart Maclennan, Labour's candidate for Moray. In a series of foul mouthed tweets he insults virtually every politician you've ever heard of and even has a go at his constituents. The Scottish Sun has the full story, but here's a choice extract...

In the foul-mouthed Twitter postings, he branded House of Commons speaker John Bercow a "t**", Tory chief David Cameron a "t***" and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg "a b******".

And he also posted an outburst about veteran Labour MP Diane Abbot, describing her as "a f****** idiot".

In one post the 24-year-old complained of being in a pub full of "depressed teuchters" then poked fun at elderly voters by branding them "bloody coffin dodgers".


davidc said...

needs to widen his field to include nulab but otherwise shows great promise

Colin said...

This guy is right on the money, as far as I can see, a bit of a novelty - a politician who tells it as he sees it.

Can anyone tell me where he's wrong here?

S.B.S said...

Labour = Lowest Common Denominator

Barnacle Bill said...

Don't forget the other scandal north of the border - Mr. S. Purcell.

Roger Thornhill said...

"he branded House of Commons speaker John Bercow a "t**", Tory chief David Cameron a "t***" and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg "a b******"."


Norton Folgate said...

To be fair he was spot on about Bercow and Diane Abbot.

WV:fervoty Uncanny

Charles said...

What about his comment about preferring "slave-grown bananas". More revealing (and important) than just some childish abuse

Roland Deschain said...

I can't be bothered with all this synthetic outrage whenever an opposing politician speaks his mind about something.

It's just petty point-scoring and the election should be about more important matters.

OldSlaughter said...

I find most of it perfectly reasonable and not a little funny.

We are Tories? When did we start pretending to take everything literally and doing faux outrage.

Pretty poor Iain. So what if he called old people coffin dodgers? Do you think that means he hates his granmother and all like her? Of course not.

Apart from your post here being a bit of an own goal (I think more will empathise than despise)it really is unbecoming. We do actually have irony in this country.

The Purpleline said...

There is a big can of worms ready and waiting to be opened in Scotland and Labour circles.

Silent Hunter said...


Well we could tell you, but unfortunately you would require a brain to process the information.

So what's the point.

Silent Hunter said...



Glasgow City Council is virtually in hock to various crime families with Labour Party links.

This is a massive scandal just waiting for some brave investigative journalist to expose it.

Over to you, Iain? ;o)

Elliott Burton said...

Does anyone else find him refreshingly honest and a breath of fresh air compared to the usual on message drab you find on Twitter? More, more!!!

Barnacle Bill said...

@ The Purpleline
I fully agree, one that could blow Broon and the Scottish Mafia right out of the water, if we are thinking along the same lines - SP?

Mick Turatian said...

I suspect if he had been a Tory candidate Labour would have led the calls for his dismissal.

Do you mean like this, Iain:

'Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie said: "I am disgusted by this disgraceful behaviour from a Labour candidate.

"If he has any shred of remorse or decency then he must stand down. If he does not go voluntarily then Labour must sack him.'


Michael Heaver said...

The internet: a very dangerous place or young wannabe politicians!

The Grim Reaper said...

So he thinks John Bercow is an opportunist little ████... David Cameron is a ████, Nick Clegg's a ███████, Diane Abbott's a ███████ idiot, Jedward are two odious little █████, he hates Paolo Nutini and thinks Louis Walsh is a ████.

I agree with pretty much all those opinions, especially his view on Louis Walsh. Since moving to Northern Ireland, I thought they'd see him as something of a national treasure. But alas, like the rest of the UK, they also think he's a ████.

And so are all those people at The Sun.

Chris and Laura said...

For me his biggest crime is being stupid rather than abusive. Having been a candidate myself in a constituency over 300 miles from home I know how time consuming, expensive and exhausting it is. Having got yourself selected and made all that effort why get yourself thrown out with four weeks to go by writing gratuitous rubbish on Twitter? Did he think nobody would bother to shoot at such a massive target? What an idiot!

Silent Hunter said...

So he's gone has he?

Good riddance.

I just hope that the good people of Moray have the sense to tell Labour to get stuffed with whoever they now parachute into be the next Labour PPC for the area.

They would be better off voting for the SNP. At least they get things done in Scotland.

Janner said...

Daily Politics has just reported he has been sacked/deselected/whatever

Anonymous said...

He was only saying what Brown was thinking.

He got caught out ... so he goes.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that risible remarks and unfriendly comments have been made by someone who wanted to join the ranks of our governing elite.

Anybody would think MacLennon had been running for the leadership of his party and then been caught being pooed on by rent boys.

No, this is far worse - he called John Bercow a T**T. Beyond the pale..only the Ducking Stool or the Scold's Bridle will serve.

tory boys never grow up said...

Perhaps he can run a Labour version of Guido's site - he seems to tick all the boxes.

Mick Turatian said...

He's history...

David Anthony said...

Apparently he had this to say in one post:

“Iain Dale reckons the biggest gaffes will likely be made by candidates on Twitter – what are the odds it will be me?"

Anonymous said...

Sadly there are many more like this guy within Labour in Scotland who maintain their tenuous grip on power against the SNP through shadowy groups like "Team Glasgow" and their infiltration of the BBC and MSM as evidenced by the Purcell affair.

Jimmy said...

The public say they want politicians who tell the truth but look what happens when they do.

Colin said...

Silent Hunter@ 10:33am

I see what you mean. On reflection, his comments about Celtic were unacceptable...

WV: regimetroll

Unknown said...

The guy is only 24, and his immaturity shows. And Labour want to reduce the voting age to 16 !

AndrewJK said...

Putting aside the abuse this guy used, here was a young Labour party candidate being disrespectful towards the elderly and sexist in remarks that you'd expect in a stand-up routine from Jim Davidson.

Yet the Labour party, who have excelled at using political correctness to attack and smear their political enemies over the slightest innocuous comment, initially defended him and ONLY decided to sack this guy once the story started gaining momentum in the press and could possibly embarrass them.

What an absolute bunch of stinking, lying hypocrites.

David said...

I’m from Moray where Stuart was standing. Locally he’s a big headed wee twit but people forgave him a lot because he’s a big headed etc…

The real reason he got into trouble was because he said in the local paper that he was for dualling the A9/A96 and wanted pensioners to get a fair deal etc. So to his public he said one thing and tweeted the exact opposite and offensively so. THAT is the problem not the language used albeit it also confirmed what an immature twit he is.

The other problem is it showed that he (and other Labour candidates such as Ross Macrae who taught him the Rangers song) hold sectarian views at odds with the attempts by Jim Murphy to get the Catholic vote for example…. Labour's Thurso candidate (John Mackay) also uses the F word on a regular basis about football (see his tweet dated 13 Feb) – will this annoy the voters up there? Probably not as he was swearing about our pathetic national team BUT he will be lessened in their eyes perhaps.

All in all a spectacular own goal and we shall see other young guns falling as the press hunt down their offensive or sectarian views and show us what we already knew – that many of the political class have no experience of ‘real’ life or employment and hold repugnant views yet lie about them to the public.

Traquir said...

Looks like the Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy has been caught red handed lying on national TV (BBC)

“Asked why he had not acted sooner, Mr Murphy said: “I am not a follower of this individual’s Twitter feed so I had no idea of these comments, and no one in the Labour Party did.””


However courtesy of google cache the following can be found

CyberBritNat MacLennan follower bottom row 4th from right, guess who ?

Mr Jim Murphy.


Now then given the Scottish Ambassador has been caught with bare faced lying surely action needs to be taken here ? Also interesting that he looks to have covered it up as it not longer seems a coincidence that he just recently dropped
one of the people he has been following.

see –

Traquir said...

“Asked why he had not acted sooner, Mr Murphy said: “I am not a follower of this individual’s Twitter feed so I had no idea of these comments, and no one in the Labour Party did.””


“no one in the Labour Party did.”

Just a sample of other Labour Party followers

* Craig Martin Labour Councillor for areas in Falkirk North
* Margaret Curran MSP
* David Cairns MP
* Willie Bain MP
* Wendy Alexander MSP
* David Alexander MP
* Elaine Murray MSP
* Cammy day Councillor Forth Ward
* Neil Bibby Councillor Renfrewshire

see –
see –

I wonder just how many them have been following this bigoted and offensive CyberBritNat ?

Also very interestingly there is one more individual who is a follower the Labour Press Release specialist Scotsmand journalist – David Maddox. Now how could he have missed this exclusive when he was a fellow follower with all these Labour Party members including Jim Murphy ?

see –