Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Inconsistency Clegg

Nick Clegg didn't do himself any favours on the Today Programme this morning. Indeed, he seemed all over the place on a number of key issues. The one which caught my ear was his refusal to rule out a VAT rise. This from the man who has been vocal in criticising George Osborne for, er, refusing to rule out a VAT rise.

Go figure.


Jason Myers said...

To be fair Labour did this too! They attack the Tories saying they will raise VAT but they wont rule out raising it THEMSELVES! Why is the media being so kind to Labour. They can get away with anything!

Lossie Beachcomber said...

I have just heard the most amazing thing... Nick Clegg has just advocated a nuclear deterrent. Not one that could be deployed to actually deter someone but one that we could build within 6 months of it being required!

What planet is this idiot on? If you're going to have a deterrent it actually needs to have the capacity to deter. Having to say to some rogue nation or aggressor, "i'll sort you out young fella me lad.... give us a few months to get ready will you" is just farcical.

He really is a the most poly-faced politician around at the minute, he would say anything to anyone to gain 1 single vote.

Daily Referendum said...


The next time you are on the telly, can you ask if Nick Clegg will make good his promise to hold a IN/OUT referendum on the EU. I'd be very interested to hear him waffle.

Martin S said...

Don't tell me, it is in his DNA.

Michael Heaver said...

The LibDems need someone distinguishable to lead them and Clegg is as vanilla as they come.

Not a sheep said...

"Go figure"

Nick Clegg is a Lib Dem he and his party can and will promise whta they like because they cannot win the election. To treat the Lib Dems on an equal footing with the Labour and the COnservative parties is a misrepresentation. They should get a third (at most) of the coverage and at the three leaders' debates Nick Clegg should be sat down with a Gameboy for the first 45 minutes and only allowed to join in for the last 15 minutes. The BBC are giving as much coverage to the Lib Dems as they can because they hope that Labour supporters will switch to the Lib Dems rather than Labour and so keep the Tories out.

Moriarty said...

It was, truly, a performance of wincing ineptitude.

I genuinely don't understand the point of being a Liberal Democrat: unless it's a political form of self-harming. What set of principles could possibly point you in the direction of a party which is in favour of dinner but not entirely against supper; which likes the odd glass of white, but under the right circumstances would prefer a red etc ? I suspect that if you tried to play chess with Nick Clegg he'd ask for both the white AND the black pieces.

A political party prepared to say anything ends up saying nothing.

Brian said...

The word verification is very appropriately "arsing".

Grand_Inquisitor said...

Nick Clegg is 'all over the place' with respect to his Party's policies. Now if only Ming had not done a Julius Ceasar on Charles Kennedy then the Lib-Dems would be a serious proposition this election. Kennedy was and is far better than Clegg.

Anonymous said...

Clegg gave a highly polished and impressive display on Today this morning. Well, he did if you compare it to the utter shambles that was Ed Milliband on PM yesterday afternoon.

Faceless Bureaucrat said...

Cleggover was indeed a disaster on the 'Toady' programme this morning.

Meanwhile, returning to the real campaign, apparently Bruin is now offering us all a Referendum on both reform of the House of Lords and Alternative Voting.

Will these Referenda, I wonder, fare any better than the Referendum he promised us on the Lisbon Treaty?

I think we should be told...


Jason Myers said...

Kennedy would do so well in this election I agree. He would be seen as honest & if he'd seeked treatment for his alcohol addiction ppl wud respect him MORE I think. It was wrong to oust him. We need ppl we can trust & Kennedy wud be FAR more trusted than other leaders. Sure Saint Vince was involved in ousting Charlie... Not so perfect afterall?

DespairingLiberal said...

Not a Sheep, do you perhaps need a basic refresher in maths? If they give Clegg "no more than a third" of the coverage and there are three main parties - isn't that equal time and what the TV media (apart from the odd bone thrown to the silly nationalists) are actually giving?

I do often wonder about the basic abilities of some of your regulars Iain. You must long for a more intelligent readership - something more specialised perhaps with an invited audience only?

Unknown said...

The LibDems are really winding me up with their piety and holier-than-thou attitude which they are not able to back-up!

I have made a poster about them, because I was abit bored waiting for my leaflet team to appear.

cassandra said...

I have never heard a political leader come across so badly!

Is Clegg retarded or something?
I only ask because he seemed to believe that a nuclear deterrent can be cobbled together at the drop of a hat.
The choice of a seabourne nuclear delivery system over a land based system is plain, we are a tiny island and a fixed silo based/mobile launcher based would attract an enemy to launch a pre emptive first strike to knock out a response.
With a sea based SLBM system its impossible do disable our second strike capability and it also means that every corner of the earth is in range of a strike very quickly.
Cruise missiles can be shot down in large numbers by a sophisticated air defence network meaning that a sub/ship launched cruise/aircraft delivered stike would have to use upto ten times the warheads of an SLBM attack in order to ensure at least some warheads get through.
This man desires to lead this nation and yet he is so stunningly ignorant of the basic facts about the nature of a defensive nuclear deterrent, our entire nuclear defence is based around the requirement to respond to a first strike by a hostile nation and therefore the means to reply has to be kept safe from a pre emptive strike.
I am sorry but Clegg proved himself to be unworthy of the highest office, his petty sniping at the other parties about the very same cuts his own party will have to make showed him as a petty politician on the make.
There is a huge difference between ignorant waffle and in depth knowledge, it seems Clegg is a master of ignorant waffle.