Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Great Advert

Didn't that make you feel warm inside?

If only political adverts could be like this.


Red Rag said...

I see my comment about yet another homophobic being unmasked in the Tory party didn't make it to your website.

Do you think you are not normal?

How many more sleeper homophobic PPC are there in the Tory Party?

How do these peoples actions relate to Camerons claim of changing his party and their relationship with the gay community.

Will you be doing an article about this and explaining how to get the homophobic vermin out of your party?

All these question, and not many forthcoming answers.

Iain Dale said...

I haven't disallowed any comments today, let alone any by you.

As you will have noted from the fact that I have only posted one article today, I have been at work and not in a position to follow things on a minute by minute basis.

I will indeed be blogging on this subject later.

Benny said...

Someone thinks it's 'sexist'.


Red Rag said...

Thank you Iain, I would not expect anything less than an article on it from your good self.

Walsingham's Ghost said...

Meanwhile, back on topic...

Yes Iain, it's nice when clever images are matched with just the right soundtrack and the resulting piece works on every level.

Quite what it was advertising I was not sure and if it were not for the 'John Lewis' splash at the end I still wouldn't have a clue.

Still, hat's off to the makers...

Anonymous said...

@RedRag - FFS it's an advert, not the 11th commandment.

Get some perspective and worry about the poor, the hungry and the homeless.

miko said...

Lovely advert Iain.

This country needs such things to feel better about oursleves afetr the dar and gloomy 13 years that Brown and his thugs have strangled this fine country.

When Brown's thugs are kicked out on May 7th,the country will slowly emerge into sunlit uplands,blinking into the light as we begin the long journey to feel good about ourselves and our country.

Unsworth said...

What makes me feel warm inside is a decent Calvados.

DespairingLiberal said...

Yes, although I'm sure as a worker-owned business, John Lewis would not quite have earned the Thatcher seal of approval. I expect she discussed ways it could be privatised and carved up with ministers, as she did with Co-Op and the Mutuals.