Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Sunday

1. Michelle Clifford explains that crying is the way to get things done with the PM.
2. Miserable Old Fart showcases Mebyon Kernow's PEB.
3. James Forsyth on what the Tories need to do to stem the LibDem tide.
4. UK Polling Report on who is turning to the LibDems.
5. LibDem Voice complains that Labour is using, er, LibDem tactics.
6. Guido on the Change Coalition.


Michael Heaver said...

I really do wonder how accurate Guido's prediction could be. The fact that 6% for the BNP seems credible is pretty damn scary.

cassandra said...


It seems Goldman sachs has had its fingers in the till and an advisor of Gordon Brown by the name of Gavyn Davies was involved with the disaterous fire sale of our gold reserves and the Zimbabwe style printing of money called quantative easing. The carbon trading scam is another example of Goldman sachs habit of creating money making wheezes.
The real mystery is just why the tory leadership has failed to nail Brown and his carpet bagging scammer friends to the wall. Eye watering corruption and insider trading with an investment bank taking advantage of labour regime contacts to fleece the system.
If it turns out that Brown and Goldman sachs collaborated in schemes to defraud the taxpayer and investors it would make a scandal of epic proportions.
Why are the tories not hammering Brown and digging up the evidence to convict Brown?

Either the tories are too dim witted to see the organised defrauding of the UK OR they are in on the fraud, in either case it makes them unfit to govern.
I am a cynic but even I find it hard to believe in the latter scenario.