Friday, April 02, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Good Friday Edition

1. Rights of Man asks why 51% of girls go to Uni but only 40% of boys.
2. Luke Akehurst has 20 tips for candidates. So does Chris Lovell.
3. Charon QC defends juries.
4. Wintour & Watt preview their interview with George Osborne.
5. Tom Harris on a foolish LibDem candidate.
6. Iain Martin on why Gordon Brown should have gone on March 25th.
7. LibDem Voice on the Labour marginal which has cost the taxpayer £81 million.
8. Rory Cellan-Jones asks (in a blogpost) if blogs really matter.
9. Political Betting asks what the Telegraph has got against YouGov.
10. Though Cowards Flinch on the campaign to strip Nick Griffin of his degree. Madness. (April 1 madness!)
11. Tory Outcast thinks the chairman of UKIP should step down after his outburst.
12. Samantha Cameron makes her debut on the Blue Blog.

And courtesy of Tory Bear a great video on the day the 1997 election was announced from Sky News...

I miss Judith Dawson!

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